Webinar: Grow an Engaged Email List

If I could go back and do one thing differently for my business, it would be starting a newsletter earlier. My email list is THAT important for my business, bringing traffic to my website, buys of my products and opportunities I never could’ve expected.

If you’ve thought about starting a newsletter for your blog or business, or if you have a newsletter but want to see more results from all the work you put in, this free webinar is for you!

You missed the live webinar, but we recorded it for you! Sign up for access:



What you’ll learn:

  • Why growing an email list is one of the best things you can do for your brand

  • Which content strategies you should consider for your newsletter

  • One tweak that will significantly increase your open rate

  • Why unsubscribes aren’t as bad as you think

  • Practical tips about how to launch your newsletter

  • Plus an insider look at how I’ve grown my list to more than 2,200 subscribers while maintaining an open rate of 38 percent

  • Answers to any and all of YOUR questions

Why I’m qualified to teach you about this topic

My newsletter is the driving force behind my business. I use it to grow my blog community, bring in clients, and sell thousands of dollars of guides and courses each month.

I also run email marketing campaigns for several other small businesses, and consider myself a student of the craft. If you approach it with the right attitude, figuring out the best way to build your list and increase your open rate can really be fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you answer questions from participants?

Of course! We’ll do a Q&A at the end. And if you want to contact me with questions ahead of time, I’ll be sure to work them into the webinar.

Is this really free?

Yup. This is a no-cost event. My only goal here is to help you figure out how to make this work for you, so you can enjoy growing an engaged email list as much as I have. In addition to being great for your online business, it’s fun!

How do I participate?

If you sign up below, we’ll send you details via email. It’s that easy.