The Smart Way to Quit Your Job to Travel

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When I left my reporting job to travel, friends and colleagues often said, “I wish I could take a trip like that.”

The truth is, they can.

And so can you.

Taking a break from your everyday life to travel requires guts. It takes a strong-willed, adventurous person to take that kind of Leap. But it also takes a certain amount of planning, a certain amount of vision, a certain amount of knowing how your Big Trip will help you in the long run.

Whether you’re just starting to think about taking a career break to travel or already figuring out what to pack, this guide is for you. It goes beyond helping you make your dream trip happen; this guide will help you make your trip unforgettably awesome.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • How to save enough money to take your Big Trip
  • Tips for tackling logistical details like getting a passport, visas and immunizations
  • How traveling can help — not hurt — your career
  • Ideas for blogging successfully from the road
  • Advice from other career-breakers who have traveled successfully long-term

… and lots more.

This 90-page guide answers both practical and big-picture questions people asked after I left my job to backpack through Africa. How much does a trip like this cost? What’s the best way to get up the guts to leave your job and apartment? Will traveling the world really change my life? (The answer: A huge, resounding YES.)

How to Take a Career Break to Travel not only fleshes out the logistics of pulling off a Big Trip — right down to the nitty-gritty of which type of mosquito net you should use — it also includes stories of other long-haul travelers who followed through on their globe-trotting ambitions. Using my journalistic skills, I interviewed more than a dozen career-breakers about what worked for them and what they wish they did differently, tips that will help you get the most out of your travels.

Whether you dream of volunteering in Africa, backpacking through Europe or road-tripping in Australia, this step-by-step guide will get you there. Don’t put off that adventure any longer. Now’s your chance to get the wheels in motion.

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Want more details?

Here’s How to Take a Career Break to Travel‘s Table of Contents, so you can determine whether it will help you learn what you need to know.

Table of Contents


Part I: Prioritizing Like Your Life Depends on It (Because It Does)
Why You Can’t Afford to NOT Take Your Big Trip
+ Scheming Versus Planning

Part II: The Four Big BUTS
BUT I Don’t Have Enough Money
+ The best way to pay for your career break
+ Small sacrifices
+ A more creative way to pad your Leap Fund
+ The last piece of the financial puzzle
+ What about student loans?
BUT What About My House?
+ Where your stuff fits in
BUT What About My Family?
+ Traveling solo
+ Pets counts as family, too
BUT What About My Job?
How Your Career Break Can Help – Not Hurt – Your Career

Part III: Planning Mode
Blogging While Traveling
Making Money Off Your Blog
Other Ways to Make Money While Traveling
Shaping Your Itinerary
+ Planning your itinerary ahead of time
+ When to buy plane tickets
+ Where will you stay?
Making the Commitment
Seek Support

Part IV: Lots of Logistics
Figuring Out How Much Your Trip Will Cost
Your To-Do List
Health Concerns
+ Insurance
+ Immunizations
A Final Note on Preparation

Part IV: Ready to Hit the Road
Your Big-Picture To-Do List
Your Takeaway
+ Travel memoirs
+ Blogs and Twitter handles for career-breakers mentioned in this guide