Talk to any startup founder, and they’ll tell you one of the biggest challenges they face is hiring. Finding the right people, convincing them to join the company, and — this might be the biggest piece — making the time to do it.

I joined The Penny Hoarder in mid-2015 as employee No. 3, and by the end of 2016 we’d hit 55 employees. That meant finding, hiring and onboarding 50+ employees in just 18 months, and more than half of them in editorial, the department I oversee.

How’d we do it?

I’m reflecting on this in part to tease out lessons for other startup founders and executives. But I have a selfish motive, too: we’re planning to add another 45 staffers this year, which will bring us to 100 employees by the end of 2017. (Curious which positions we’re hiring for? We list openings on our Careers page.)

Staff Growth at The Penny Hoarder

Graphic by Pareesa Khwaja, Social Media Graphic Designer at The Penny Hoarder

This year, we have more people to help make those hires, including an in-house recruiter. But as I think about how to execute this ambitious plan, I know we need to consider what has worked for us so far, so we can replicate that model going forward. Smart hiring ripples through the company in so many ways, including setting the foundation for a top company culture.

Having the money to hire is, of course, the first step. Once you’ve cleared that hurdle, here are some tips for startup founders that will help you scale quickly and bring the right people in the door.

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Fifteen months ago, after D joined our family, I wrote about how I was so “in it,” so in the middle of figuring things out, that I had trouble articulating my thoughts in a succinct blog post.

I still feel like that. Parenthood is a train that keeps moving, no matter how much you want it to slow down, to relish a fun new stage or simply catch up on sleep. It barrels forward while you work and travel and live, and because you don’t want to miss a single smile or cry or milestone, you hang on as tight as you can.

Becoming a mom has been the most joyful transition of my life — and the most challenging. I used to think about my past as a series of stages, often based around where I called home: childhood in upstate New York, college in Maine, working for the newspaper in Houston, traveling in Africa, running my own business from DC, enjoying life as a newly married couple.

Now I see it far more simply, as two distinct stages: before and after D was born.

Family photo! Being a Working Mom

Family photo courtesy of Susie Condon

Motherhood is all encompassing, for better and for worse. I dislike the term “mommy brain” because it makes women sound weak and forgetful, instead of acknowledging the million pieces they juggle every day. But I now, as I struggle to keep up with my tiny human and my full-time job at The Penny Hoarder, I understand why people say it.

Imagine taking your already-full brain and stuffing it with two or three times as many things to understand and remember — oh, and those new things are more important than what you had in there previously, because they involve taking care of a tiny baby you love and adore.

Would all that information fit? Would you remember it all? Hell no.

And yet somehow, your heart is able to accomplish what your brain simply can’t. Having a baby means adding more love than you’ve ever felt before, piling all the new love right on top of the old love, and then piling more love on top of that… and your heart still doesn’t explode or overheat or fail. You feel something indescribably wonderful when your baby laughs, when he cuddles up to your chest, when he explores grass for the first time with his tiny fingers and you can see the wheels in his head turning. It is a beautiful gift to nurture another human being as they grow.

So how is it possible, with all that love and so much good, that this transition could also be so darn hard?

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