I Used to Love Productivity Advice. Then I Had Kids

February 6, 2020

It’s time to reframe business advice so it’s not just for men without kids. Moms, dads, working parents… I see you.

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Why an Entrepreneur’s First “Small” Exit Can Be So Meaningful

January 30, 2020

Selling a business for the first time offers more than financial freedom; it opens your eyes to what’s possible.

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The Dream Workcation: Retreat & Create is Open for Applications

January 22, 2020

This is the workcation I always wanted. Join me for a work + nature retreat for women in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

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How We Decided Where to Live, and Chose An Unexpected Place

January 6, 2020

The place where we ended up was not suggested by a single person or list, and it’s perfect for us. Here’s how a spreadsheet helped us pick it.

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On Doing Less and Holding Space

November 4, 2019

I know I am happier when I do less. And yet I constantly feel the pull to do more.

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New Home, New Work, New Life. How I’m Spending My Time

September 11, 2019

What does life look like when you design it with intent? Here’s how I’m spending my days and what I’m working on.

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The Write Life’s 2019 Audit: How We’re Growing and Monetizing a Website for Writers

July 30, 2019

We’ve grown The Write Life for the last six years. Now it’s time to turn more profit. Here’s our six-month plan for making that happen.

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A Dilemma for Working Mothers: Fix the System, or Go Around It?

June 25, 2019

Because we need more women in decision-making roles.

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Change Can Be Scary… And So Worth It

June 19, 2019

We were living under the curse of Doing Too Much. And we knew it wasn’t sustainable.

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How a Lesson I Learned in High School is Helping Me Get Back in Shape

March 8, 2019

It’s hard to be bad at something when you used to do it well. But I keep reminding myself: It’s not the speed that matters. It’s consistency.

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