Need a Freelance Blogger? We’ll Help You Find the Right Writer

When you’re running a company or organization, you don’t always have time to write everything yourself. Blogs in particular can take a LOT of work, so it’s smart to hire someone else to help with some of that writing.

Hire a freelance blogger

We make introductions. That makes both you and our writers happy.

But finding the right person is not easy!

That’s why I created this freelance bloggers database. I launched it for my own use, to make it easier to find the right writers for my own projects and for my clients’ blogs. But I quickly realized that this is something a lot of businesses and organizations could benefit from. We’ve now got 400+ bloggers in the database, each categorized according to the topics they write about, so there’s a lot of love to go around.

If you want to tap this resource to find a blogger who specializes in your topic, simply shoot me a note and let me know what type of writer you’re looking for.

I’ll either comb through the database myself to find someone for you, or we can send an email out to the entire group asking for applicants.

Here’s the best way to contact me.