Make a Living On Your Own Terms, Doing Work You Love

Turn Your Side Hustle into a Full-Time BusinessQuitting my day job was scary. I was plagued with questions like:

Would I make the income I was used to earning at my 9-to-5 job?

Would I land enough clients to maintain my standard of living?

Would I REALLY be able to make a living doing work I enjoy?

I never expected what happened next…

During my first six months of self-employment, I wrote a letter to a small group of loyal readers each week, sharing what I learned, what was working and what wasn’t.

Those readers (many who wanted to take their own leap) responded enthusiastically, telling me how my ideas were helping them move forward with their own dreams.

I began to realize that it didn’t make sense to keep these letters locked away where only a small group could read them… and I should make them available to anyone who’s serious about finding freedom in their work and their life. That’s why I created this guide.


Do YOU want more freedom in your life?


Does the idea of having complete autonomy over your time and your projects sound appealing?

Do you want to wake up every morning psyched to do work you love?

If you’re excited about the prospect of ditching your day job and working for yourself, this 90-page guide was made for you.

It will help you…

  • Crush the fear that comes from taking a giant leap forward in your life
  • Create a simple, stable financial plan that you can rely on
  • Discover how to make a healthy income doing what you love
  • Build a business that isn’t bound by your location… so you can work from home or travel the world
  • Leverage the power of outsourcing to free up more of your time, so you can spend your days on what matters most
  • Feel confident as you claim the freedom in your life that you deserve

Still not sure whether the guide is right for you? Are you…

  • Thinking about working for yourself, but not sure where to start?
  • Nervous about the financial side of self-employment?
  • Taking baby steps into solopreneurship, but stumped on how to make serious cash?
  • Dreaming of bigger and better things for your life?
  • Smart, motivated and hungry for more creative freedom?

Even if working on your own terms seems out of reach, know that you CAN make this happen. With the right guidance, you’ll make your transition just like I did!

So go ahead! Invest in yourself for a change! Read a guide that’s packed full of tangible, practical advice that will help you attain the freedom you crave.

Your path to freedom is just $47.



Rebecca ThormanRarely have I seen a writer who is completely honest AND useful. Alexis offers extremely realistic advice to turn your side job into your day job. Not once did I feel like her tips and tactics were out of my grasp, or unique to her situation as I have in other guides. In sharing her experience, Alexis will motivate, inspire and inform you to follow your dreams.

— Rebecca Thorman of Kontrary


Jessica Lawlor

I had no idea that Alexis would reveal so much personal and more importantly useful information that readers can literally put into action right away in their own businesses. From private information about her finances to confessions about the challenges she’s facing to celebrating her triumphs, Alexis Grant truly bares it all.

““ Jessica Lawlor of Cover to Cover


Dana Sitar

[This guide] offer[s] answers to the questions that arise while I read Alexis’ blog about HOW she doing the great things that she recommends… [She] sparks my creativity and motivates me to take yet another unconventional step to grow my solopreneur career.

““ Dana Sitar of by.dana.sitar


Alicia VazIt has been very helpful to get a glimpse at the life of a solopreneur and feel like, SHE GETS IT. Alexis’ work is inspiring, easy to read and relative to aspects of my business. I’m thankful that she’s being so transparent in the sharing of her experiences.

““ Alicia Vaz of Socialicia


Which road will you choose?

Table of Contents



Week 1: Breaking Down the Sticky Financial Stuff

Week 2: Where Passion Meets Paycheck

Week 3: The Best Business Plan for Consultants

Week 4: How Outsourcing Can Help You Succeed

Week 5: Making Time for What Really Matters

Week 6: When It’s Worth Doing Unpaid Work

Week 7: Getting a Leg Up Over the Holidays (Or On Weekends)

Week 8: Are You in Crazy Busy Triage Mode?

Week 9: Tips for Setting the Right Goals

Week 10: Would You Ever Consider Creating an EBook?

Week 11: How to Write an EBook That Will Actually Sell

Week 12: Pinning Down Which Digital Product to Create

Week 13: The Inside Scoop on My First Digital Course

Week 14: Is It Really Possible to Travel While Working?

Week 15: One Huge Disadvantage of Working for Yourself

Week 16: An Unexpected Lesson from Working While Traveling

Week 17: Making Smart Money Off Other People’s Products

Week 18: Another Income Slice: Affiliates Sell Your Products

Week 19: How to Avoid Falling Into Digital Overload

Week 20: The Work-Life Balance Tip No One Else Will Tell You

Week 21: The Most Stressful Part of Working for Yourself

Week 22: A Big Investment You Should Make in Your Career

Week 23: Why Experimenting is Crucial to Your Success

Week 24: Why Growing Your Online Presence Should Be Priority

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