Self-Publishing: Should You Sell Your Ebook on Amazon or Your Own Website?

April 22, 2015

Most of the self-publishing success stories we hear revolve around selling books on Amazon, and for good reason: authors like Steve Scott and Mark Dawson have used the platform to bring home six-figure salaries. But if you’re considering self-publishing, you should know there is another option: selling ebooks on your own site. If you’re able to carve […]

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An Amazon Reviews Tip That Will Help You Sell Books

September 12, 2012

I did a lot of driving over the last two weeks — like, 20 hours worth of driving, getting myself to and from a writer’s colony in Georgia. One of the ways I passed the time was listening to interviews with entrepreneurs on Mixergy and Blogcast FM. These (free) shows are priceless — listening, even […]

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How Writers Can Use Amazon to Sell Books

March 25, 2011

I’m usually a fan of Writer’s Digest Webinars; I was glad I paid for their recent tutorial on e-books and listened in on their free teleconference about Borders. (Can’t find the link — Looks like it’s no longer available online.) But I didn’t learn much from the session yesterday on using Amazon to sell books. […]

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Word count, with a little help from Amazon

January 18, 2010

Want more helpful tips on writing? Sign up for my free newsletter. Did you know has a new function that gives a word count for each book? (I did not discover this myself. Props to Suzanne for pointing it out.) This is awesome enough for me to get excited over. Why? Because it allows […]

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