Why You’re Failing to Make a Living as a Writer

October 22, 2012

Last week in one of the Facebook groups I manage, I posted a link to a free webinar I’m giving about how to create and sell your first digital product. That prompted comments from several members who said it’s unethical to sell an ebook for more than $10. While I like hearing other people’s opinions […]

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Q&A: Overcoming Your Fears with Torre DeRoche

September 12, 2011

We talk a lot on this blog about following dreams, and that’s exactly what Torre DeRoche blogs about at The Fearful Adventurer. The Aussie also writes about facing her fears and the process of publishing her first book, which makes her a pretty perfect fit for an author Q&A here. Torre recently released her first […]

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An idea to get your writer’s foot in the door

January 24, 2011

Writers who don’t have many published clips often ask me how they can get their foot in the door. By this point, they usually have decent writing skills, but don’t know which publications to approach to get their first few stories published. Here’s what I tell them: Try your alumni publication. Alumni magazines are often […]

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Join The Traveling Writer community on Twitter

August 25, 2010

A writing friend just joined Twitter, and I’m trying to come up with suggestions of tweeps for her to follow. That got me to thinking: wouldn’t it be awesome if I could give her a list of all the readers of this blog? A while back I built a Twitter list that includes members of […]

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How to find a critique group

March 29, 2010

I recently critiqued several chapters for a writer I met on Twitter. She knew it would be beneficial to join a critique group. But how, she asked, was she supposed to find one? Lots of writers have blogged about the value of critique groups. (If you’re still not convinced you should join one, read these […]

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You're not an aspiring writer. You're a writer.

December 7, 2009

I can’t stand when people tell me they’re aspiring writers. I know what they mean. They mean they’re aspiring to become a paid writer, or a published writer, or even a respected writer. But aspiring means you haven’t put your pen to paper or typed a story on your laptop. Aspiring means you’re thinking about […]

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Writers' Roundup

July 17, 2009

Happy Friday! A few insightful links from this week: Writer Jody Hedlund explains the challenges of convincing others that writing is a valid career choice. Their reactions, she says, can result in writer’s guilt. What do you call yourself? Do you deserve the title of writer, author, or something entirely different? More than anything else, […]

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