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Become a Twitter Power User

Because of connections I made on Twitter, I signed with a literary agent.

I made it onto Problogger’s list of 20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012.

I interviewed for a job and got an offer (back when I was looking for one).

I wrote guest posts for big blogs that sent massive traffic to my site.

And I fell in love. (Yup, I met my boyfriend husband on Twitter. You’ll hear the story in this course.)

Now I want to teach YOU to use Twitter to meet YOUR goals “” whether you’re looking to change careers, grow your blog, make a living as a writer, or network your way into a life that makes you happy. If you use it strategically, this social network could hold the keys to your next career or life breakthrough.

Become a Twitter Power User ($179)

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Super Twitter Power Package ($399)

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What you’ll learn through this course:


  • How to dramatically increase your number of followers
  • Tricks for getting influential people to notice you
  • The best ways to use Twitter to make your own luck, so opportunities come to you
  • What all the big-time Twitter players know that you don’t
  • How to avoid the most common Twitter pitfalls
  • Why and how to use Hootsuite so you can spend less time online
  • Tips that will take you from newbie or intermediate user to someone who regularly sees big results

Know what else? You won’t find yourself groaning when you sit down at your computer, not sure where or how to get started. As anyone who’s taken one of my courses will tell you, one of the best parts about Become a Twitter Power User is its easy-to-follow format.

Every weekday morning for five weeks, you’ll get an email from me with ONE task to complete that day. Yup, just one. We’ll make your time at your computer targeted and results-oriented, so you can spend LESS time in front of your screen.

You got it “” one of the big goals of this course is to help you spend LESS time online, so you can focus on what really matters to you, whether that’s writing or spending time with your family or traveling. What you learn through this course will make you so much more effective that you simply won’t need to spend all day on the Web.

Oh, and each Saturday you’ll get a case study (aka fun example) that shows how using the strategies and tools we talked about that week can help you make friends online with influential people.

Another perk to the one-email-each-day format? If you’re sick or busy or traveling during one day or week of the course, you can put those emails aside for later, and you won’t miss a thing. Some participants have even signed up for my courses knowing they’d put the entire course aside until they had time to complete it.

This is an intermediate-level course. It’s NOT for total Twitter newbies. You don’t have to know much to join us, but please have filled out your profile and tweeted at least a few times. (And if you’re worried the course will be too easy, don’t be; each lesson is tiered, so you can always choose to complete the more advanced task.)


This course is right for you if…


  • You want to become more effective on Twitter so you can spend less time online
  • You think expanding your network would help you reach your big goals
  • Networking online sounds appealing, but you’d like some help figuring out exactly how to do it
  • You’ve tried Twitter and don’t quite get it, or you’re simply not wringing the kind of results from the platform that you’ve heard are possible
  • You prefer to have a coach who can teach you exactly what you need to know, rather than Googling around aimlessly and trying to figure it out yourself
  • You appreciate tips and tricks that make your life easier

You’ll also have unrestricted access to me via email to answer any questions. That means if you’ve ever felt like you just need someone to sit down with you, one-on-one, and explain all the intricacies of Twitter, you’re in luck. You get a personal coach without the high price.

Become a Twitter Power User ($179)

Enroll in Become a Twiter Power User

Super Twitter Power Package ($399)

Enroll in Become a Twitter Power User


Your Options & Pricing

You’ve got Become a Twitter Power User, a kick-ass course for just $179. Friends who work in the digital world have advised me to raise my price on this, because 25 emails + case studies = a whole lot of information. But I really want this to be affordable for my community, especially those of you who are dedicated to making your own luck.


The Super Power Twitter Package, which includes BOTH the course AND two small-group coaching sessions after the course for only $399.

This package is a STEAL considering my hourly rate is usually much higher. But I realize you might benefit significantly from being able to ask questions as part of a live conversation (rather than over email), so I’m willing to walk you through your own unique challenges. Small-group coaching sessions are one hour each.

So take your pick!


To recap, here’s what you’ll get when you sign up:


  • Five weeks of practical and actionable tips that will help you rapidly grow your Twitter following AND connect with the right people
  • ONE tip EACH DAY (that’s a total of 25 tips) so you can reach your Twitter goals little by little (and kick to the curb that feeling of being overwhelmed)
  • A case study each Saturday that will inspire you to use Twitter to make your own luck
  • Total flexibility on when you complete your “homework” (which one course participants said was the most enjoyable homework she’s ever had)
  • Unlimited access to my Twitter-obsessed brain, so you can get any questions answered easily and quickly
  • A guaranteed FUN time, because once you understand how to use Twitter to your advantage, online networking IS fun (I promise)
  • And if you grab the Super Power Twitter Package, two group coaching sessions (both an hour long) to work out any kinks on your own terms

Got questions? Want to make sure the course is a good fit for you? Shoot me a note at team[at]socialexis[dot]com, and we can talk it through.

None of the life-changing opportunities that have come my way recently would’ve hit me if I hadn’t used Twitter to my advantage. Yet it took me years to learn these tricks. This course will save you that precious time, so you can make meaningful connections “” and reach your big goals.




Emily HarrisThis course is as comprehensive, interactive and motivating as a weekend-long seminar that’d cost much more. But what I didn’t realize at first was that a big part of the value here is coaching from Alexis. Alexis offers her students an unlimited opportunity to ask for specific help and get genuinely personalized feedback — no lame blanketed answers. It’s like having this super savvy consultant on retainer whenever you need to ask a pro a question.

~ Emily Harris, writer and editor

Peggy FrezonAlexis Grant is knowledgeable, on top of the most current trends, and extremely helpful. She brought me from having zero social media skills to where I have a solid understanding and am able to make practical application of varied social media tools. Thanks to Alexis, I now have a growing network, including more than 3,000 Twitter followers.

~Peggy Frezon, author of Dieting With My Dog


Kevin KermesI considered myself fairly proficient and successful on Twitter with a solid following. Being so impressed with Lexi’s other training, I decided to try her Twitter Power User Course. The strategy, tactics and hacks have increased my engagement, netted more followers and built some amazing relationships. When clients ask me for advice on getting the most out of Twitter, my answer is consistent: “Take Lexi’s Twitter Power Course.”

~Kevin Kermes, job-search coach and founder of Career Attraction

Become a Twitter Power User ($179)

Enroll in Become a Twiter Power User

Super Twitter Power Package ($399)

Enroll in Become a Twitter Power User