Writers' Roundup

June 12, 2009

Pieces of my book are starting to come together. I’m now plugging a few holes in Chapters Seven, Eight and Nine, and should soon be able to read straight through ’em.

A few links that helped focus my writer’s mind this week:

* A hilarious post on how to be a good local author. Note to self: Do not call neighborhood bookstore every week to ask how my book is selling.

* Jane Friedman of Writer’s Digest explains what it takes for a blog to become a book. “Consider how a book will offer an experience or a benefit that is unique or distinctive apart from the blog,” she advises.

* General but very helpful advice for authors on Seth Godin’s blog. “The best time to start promoting your book,” he writes, “is three years before it comes out.”

* How do prolific writers manage to write so much? Insight from the Writing Companion blog.

* A smorgasbord of 54 Tips for Writers, From Writers, including: “If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” — Margaret Atwood

* A revision checklist from Nathan Bradford. Saving this for later. You might also check out his writing advice database.

*Advice for pulling off a great library event. Yet another promotional tool I’ll need later.

Have a great weekend!

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