Blog Party! Pop in and say hi.

August 18, 2009

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner recently held a party over at her blog, encouraging readers to introduce themselves in the comments. It was a brilliant idea — A great way to connect with other writers and make a few new online friends.

Such a brilliant idea, in fact, that I’m going to steal it, and throw a party here, right now! Today! On a Tuesday! And I’ll let it rage until Friday, so we can really get a sense for some of the interesting characters who read this blog. (That means even if you say “hi” today, you might want to check back on Thursday to see who you’ve missed.)

So mingle! Leave a comment and tell us about yourself. If you’re a writer, tell us (briefly) about your current project or, if you’re published, leave a link for your book. I happen to know there also are a bunch of loyal readers out there who refrain from commenting because they’re not part of the writing crowd. We want to hear from you, too! Why lurk when you can be the cool guy at the party? If you need an icebreaker, you can start by telling us why, as a non-writer, you read this blog.

If you’ve got a Web site, blog or Twitter handle, leave us the link so we can check you out.

I’ll be right back with some punch.

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    28 Replies to “Blog Party! Pop in and say hi.”

    • Karen Walker says:

      Hi Alexis,
      Well, you know I’m not a lurker. I write memoir. My book, “Following the Whispers,” is available on and Barnes and Noble, and my own website: Please come say hi at my blog: Alexis is so cool – would love to meet some of her blogging buddies.
      Karen Walker

    • Peggy says:

      Thanks for the party invite! I’m bringing warm from the oven banana bread to the party. I’m not only a blogger friend, but also a face-to-face critique group friend of Alexis. Her memoir is great! I wrote a memoir about dieting with my dog, which is about ready to go out on submission with my agent.

      I write a twice-monthly column on pet care for Guideposts magazine, and I blog about pets at I’d love to hear comments from any of you about your pets!
      My website is And I’d love to connect with you on Twitter @peggyfrezon.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Alexis!

      Thanks for the Tuesday shin-dig. I was really in need of a party today 🙂

      I am a writer and I started following this blog because the idea of taking a year off and spending it traveling around another country is so appealing to me! I only have a recipe published so far, but I’ve just finished a trilogy which I’m in the query process with, and currently have another young adult fantasy in the workds. Stop by and say hi if you have the chance: or, for you non-writers out there, .

      Sorry if those don’t post as links. I’m a bit link-illiterate!

      Happy Tuesday,

    • Hey Alexis! Great idea.

      I’m writing a memoir about becoming an orthodox Catholic after being raised in an atheist family. It’s based on my blog, I have an agent but we haven’t shopped it to publishers yet because I’m not quite done. Right now I’m struggling with the transition of going from essay/blog post writing to book writing (anyone have any tips??)

      I’m also on Twitter at .

      Love your blog, Alexis! Looking forward to reading others’ responses as well.

    • Maya says:

      Hello! I write poetry, but not in english so it’s hard to show you my writings. I want to translate them soon and when I am ready I will publish them in blog 🙂
      I use twitter, but using most I will be happy if I find new friends 🙂
      By the way, i have and some novelas. They are under one title “If they can speak” and I write for some obejcts ot plants. What they can tell us. For example my last writing is about one tiny flower that dreams to be traveler 🙂

    • sallyhanan says:

      Hi, I’m Sally. I’ve got the made-from-scratch-with-cocoa brownies, toasty warm, but I’ll be standing right by them so that I can eat most of them myself.

      I’m about to release a SP collection of flash fiction, Joy in a Box, and am on the 3rd draft of my novel, We Know the Truth. If you’d like to join our novel critique group and submit your chapters, click this link:

      I run a freelance editing business, and also do ghostwriting and copywriting:

      My blog is on writing for joy and money. I try to keep it helpful, interesting and funny:

      I’m on Twitter: and Facebook (look for Inksnatcher).

      Nice to meet you outside of Twitter, Alexis.

    • Carolyn Yalin says:


      I’m Carolyn and have been writing for awhile. I’m currently working on my first novel and just started blogging about a month ago?? Not sure, I have mommy brain a lot. My daughter was born April ’08.
      You can visit me at:

      My good friend Patricia Stoltey
      Told me about Alexis’s blog and I’ve been reading it ever since.

      Now let me tap the keg 🙂

    • jessiecarty says:

      Wow! A blog party 🙂 What a fantastic Idea! I might have to borrow this as well sometime this week!

      I am bringing the root beer for those of us who like to hold a bottle but don’t really drink alcohol cheers 🙂

      i have been blogging for about two years about writing, poetry, vlogging at
      and i’m almost to the one year mark on my literary magazine that I publish via youtube you can check it out at or

      My first poetry chapbook came out this year and is available from me on my blog or from the publisher, Puddinghouse.

      I always have too many project goings but right now I have a full length poetry manuscript under consideration by a publisher, a 2nd chapbook under consideration by a reader at a publishing house, a 3rd chapbook entered in a few contests, i’m looking for a job and i’m also bouncing back and forth between 3 possibly full length narrative poetry projects.

      Ok I have babbled FAR too long!

      Nice to meet everyone 🙂
      -Jessie Carty

    • Hi, I’m Marla. I love to write, and I think I actually met Alexis at that blog party of Rachelle’s.

      I have 4 published books with super-long titles. Except the most recent. It’s called Expecting. My fave of the 4 is probably Is That All He Thinks About?

      I blog at and my website is

      My latest project is memoir-ish. My hubby, our three young girls and I just went to 52 zoos in 52 weeks, and I’m writing a book about the experience.

      My web designer hubby designed all those sites. 🙂

      Last thing–

      Nice to meet all of you!

    • kat magendie says:

      How nice! *smiling*

      Let’s see – my debut novel titled Tender Graces came out in April 2009; my blog has information on the book if anyone is interested in finding out more about it ….and if so, thank you…! 🙂

      And I”m working on my second novel due to the publishers soon! eeeek!

      Have published some short stories, essays, poetry, photography here and there 🙂

      I’m on twitter as katmagendie (follow me if you like!)

      I have a website:

      Also Co-Editor/Publisher of Rose and Thorn ezine.
      guess that’s about it! 🙂

    • What a great idea! I’m Elizabeth, and I write cozy mysteries. My last book released Aug 1, entitled “Pretty is as Pretty Dies.” It’s about a pretty, but ruthless, real estate developer who unexpectedly meets her end. And the bored octogenarian sleuth who investigates her murder. Facebook: Elizabeth Spann Craig Author. Twitter: @elizabethscraig.

      Thanks, Alexis!

      Mystery Writing is Murder

    • tracybarnett says:

      Hi Alexis! So nice of you to throw a party the day I wrote on my list to look you up!
      Seriously, we have many things in common and I have been wanting to meet you since I edited your Mali story during my short stint as travel editor at the Houston Chronicle. Like you, I am making a go of it now as a freelancer. Like you, I’m working on a book. And so our mutual friend Claudia Kolker recommended I contact you – just in time for the party!
      So howdy from Houston, y’all, I just dropped by with some sweet tea and subscribed to Alexis’ blog. I’m looking forward to following her and visiting with all of you in fact in Alexis’ blog community – if you are reading Alexis, I guess you must be cool! 🙂
      My passions are many but I’m trying to keep it to sustainable travel, Southwest USA and Latin America and whatever interesting things cross my path in pursuit of that goal. My blog is Roads Less Traveled and you can find it here: Feel free to drop by after the party – or, better yet, party-hop on over when you’re done!
      Happy travels – buen viaje,

    • littlehousesouthernprairie says:


      I don’t have a book but I like going to parties and I have a blog, Alexis gave me a TOTALLY NICE shout-out when she went on vacation. I started the blog in July. It’s about my decision to leave my reporting job at the Chicago Tribune for attempts at homesteading, self sufficiency, frugality, and most of all, a calmer and more meaningful way of life in North Carolina. I’m also pregnant and due in 2010, so clearly my days of “calmer” are limited. 🙂

      Alexis and I “met” through a mutual internet bud, another journalist heading out on a new adventure. Seems to be more and more of us all the time …

      Love following this blog and CONGRATS on the fellowship, so cool.


    • Peri says:

      I’m here, let the fun begin! Oh, looks like y’all already started. I’m still working on my first novel…and my second…and I’m preparing for my November NaNoWriMo novel (number three), so as you might guess, I’m a bit insane. One is a mystery, the second is a light-hearted romance and the third is a historical romance. My hope is to one day become published, but which story will make it is anyone’s guess.

    • Alexis Grant says:

      Wow, y’all really ARE interesting! And I love to see that some of these “faces” are new even to me. Can’t wait to see what guests we’ll get tomorrow!

    • Victoria says:

      (quiet girl hunkering in the corner) Hi. New to Twitter, blogging, but not to writing. I’m @vBopaRebop, a mom working on getting in on the action. Actually, my blog Penny Jar is helping me get my thoughts in order so I can work in earnest on my memoir.

      I also have a mom blog:

      Another quick mention– has been Fantastic at helping, connecting and kicking my butt. Check it out.

      Thanks, V

    • Andrea James says:

      Hey party people in the house!

      Thanks for the invitation Lexi!

      I follow this blog because I know Alexis outside of blogging. In fact, I hosted her first ever blog post. (Holla)…

      It’s really inspiring to hear from all these writers working on novels…way to live the dream, guys.


      • Alexis Grant says:

        Whoa! That post is from Sept. 16, 2004, and I write (more like ramble), “I’d best get rid of my travel bug now, eh?” And whatdoyaknow, I’ve still got it.

    • Enid Wilson says:

      Like Mr. Darcy, I do not normally like to socialise. But a cyber party is fine. Here is my contribution:

      Fry oysters for a starter
      Smoke salmon with baby spinach for main
      Chocolate black forest cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert

      Mama Mia, Dancing Queen, Money Money Money for the dance.

      I guess you can figure out my age and my hobby from the above.


      Bargain with the Devil

    • Jamie says:

      What a good idea. Any excuse to drink this early in the morning (something tells me this isn’t that kind of party.) Anyway, I have been writing for almost twenty years but have only been published in the last two. I hold a B.F.A. in Creative writing and write mostly dark fiction although right now I am polishing a children’s adventure book.
      or twitter @jeyberg74

    • K. A. Laity says:

      Great party — still going, eh? I brought bellinis — who wants one? And a tray of crab cakes — mmm, still hot. I brought a Pogues CD to liven things up when they slack off.

      Hey, I’m celebrating an encouraging rejection from the New Yorker (just tweeted about it @katelaity). Could be worse. I write all kinds of things: have a short story collection Unikirja out now, inspired by Finnish myth and ballads. I write a lot of academic stuff, some humour and plays.

      I met Alexis through Dani’s Blog Tour class. Highly recommend it!

    • julielomoe says:

      Hi, Alexis. Like K.A., I met Alexis through Blog Book Tours, and then we actually met at Panera’s, where she helped me with the intricacies of WordPress. I’m bringing some really raunchy, garlicky pesto with basil from my garden, served over corkscrew pasta. (The basil’s doing great, but I haven’t actually made any pesto yet, partly because my husband is sick of it from previous years. I realize that’s just a cop-out, though.)

      I’ve published two mystery novels, Mood Swing: The Bipolar Murders (2006) and Eldercide (2008). I’ll be reissuing the latter this fall with a less lurid cover illustration and a new name, Evening Falls Early. I’ll be scheduling a blog book tour after leaf-peeping season in the northeast, when it begins to get bleak and dreary – I figure more people will be reading then.

      I published with a POD company, but my goal is to land a big-time agent and book contract – on MY terms, after I triumph as a blogger. My new idol is namesake Julie Powell, whose book Julie and Julia, about her blogging and cooking experience, just came out as a Norah Ephron movie. Must seeing for all bloggers!

      Visit my blog to read about my experiences exhibiting my art at the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

      Julie Lomoe’s Musings Mysterioso

    • What a great party! I’m Jane and my first novel, The Ride, was pusblished last August. You can visit my blog at and follow me on Twitter

      This is a terrific idea, Alexis, but now I am going to be awfully busy with post-party visits to some new sites.

    • Sharon says:

      How nice to meet all of you. I love this idea and will soon host a party at my site. You are all invited.

      I write mostly memoir and am working concurrently on two different ones that are still in the formative stages. My book, THE HEART AND CRAFT OF LIFESTORY WRITING just celebrated its second birthday with the news it is going into a second printing. I also teach a series of teleclasses sponsored by the Nat’l Ass’n of Memoir Writers on Adding Sparkle to Your Stories. One is on description, one on dialogue and one on pruning and polishing. I love teaching and coaching, whether in a local classroom or a virtual one.

    • Ami says:

      Hi, everyone! I’m a regular reading of Aspiring Author and met Alexis on Twitter. (Thanks for hosting this party, Alexis!)

      If you visit Alexis often, you may recognize my name from a guest post I did here last month. I also have my own writing blog, Write Out Loud. And you can find me on Twitter (@smtwngrl). I’m looking forward to connecting with more writers! There’s nothing more important to me as a writer (besides putting pen to paper or fingers to keys) than having a community of like-minded individuals to support and be supported by, to learn from and learn with.

      Thanks again, Alexis!

    • Am I fashionably or just obnoxiously late? School started, and it’s eating my cliched lunch.

      I’m grateful and happy to be one of Rachelle’s clients. I’ve lurked on Alexis’ blog, but I’m resolved to be more conscientious about commenting.

      My debut women’s fiction, WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS, will be published in Feb/March by Abingdon Press.

      My website is www, And I’m on FB and Twitter (ChristaAllan). I also have a blog for book reviews and blog tours, FICTIONARY. So, please drop me an email if you have a book or novel coming out; I’d love to hostess you!

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