My book's not my baby… But it's close

November 4, 2009

My best friend just had a baby.

The writing-a-book’s-like-having-a-baby analogy has always annoyed me. No matter how laborious (pun intended), creating something with your mind just cannot be compared to bringing another person into this world.

But Lauren got pregnant right around the time I started writing this travel memoir.

Her baby is in a bassinet.

Me? I’m still laboring.

I’m ready to push this sucker out already!

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    0 Replies to “My book's not my baby… But it's close”

    • Karen Walker says:

      Don’t elephants gestate much longer than humans?
      I never liked the analogy either because having gone thru 26 hours of actual labor and then having to have a caesarian, birthing a book is not at all similar. But in the sense that you are creating something that is coming out of you, it is. Your “baby” will be in its bassinette soon, Alexis.

    • Suzelle says:

      Keep it going, Lexi! I can’t wait to read/meet your book.

      And while we’re on analogies we hate… I don’t like the one that compares the act of writing to cutting yourself. It can be a painful process at times, but that’s just… so… graphic and terrible.

      Back to happier thoughts and to writing happily!

    • jessiecarty says:

      It does feel laborious but oh so satisfying when it is done…just like a baby 🙂

      And the book will never poop on you.

      well, ya hope!

    • Great analogy. After X amount of time you’ve had enough of carrying this excess weight around and all the major adjustments you’ve had to make in your life to accomodate this major committemnt. Van’t wait for your book to be published.

      Stephen Tremp

    • Carolyn Yalin says:

      Congrats to your friend. New babies are so wonderful.
      I blogged about second babies and second books, drop by when you have a chance. The analogy doesn’t end after the first book 😉

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