Cutting mercilessly — and enjoying it

November 25, 2009

You know what’s amazing? Suddenly, now that I’m officially in the revision stage, it feels good to cut words, scenes, even entire chapters from my book.

Months ago, I lamented doing away with pieces of this travel memoir I had worked hard to create. But now that I’ve declared it my task to cut everything that’s unnecessary, doing so feels… freeing.

Maybe it’s because I know these cuts are improving my book. Or because these revisions represent a light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying it!

Anybody else enjoying cutting and trimming?

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    0 Replies to “Cutting mercilessly — and enjoying it”

    • Jamie says:

      Only in the fact that I know it makes it a stronger piece. I really like reworking flash fiction for this effect.

    • Stephanie M says:

      Heh heh… I love cutting. After all, I’m a copy editor. It’s kinda sadistic, but I enjoy being handed a story 12 inches too long and being told “trim it!”

    • Wordiness and redundancy are bad. Cutting is good. Sounds like you’ve got the right attitude.

    • Jennifer says:

      At first, I was NOT a fan of cutting out anything. Then I realized that to trim is to make a story tighter. A tight story is one that can hold water and the reader’s attention. I like editing and seeing where the story is really going, what’s the meat and potatoes of the story and what’s garnish. A little garnish is good, but too much and you lose sight of what’s really important.


    • jessiecarty says:

      A love of revision really shows a maturity level with writing so enjoy it!

    • It feels good to cut stuff out, for precisely the reason you mentioned – I love making my work stronger. After a bit of distance from the work, it’s much easier to be objective, to tell what’s good from what’s really not. Good luck with the revisions!

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