Another reason writers should use Twitter

May 11, 2010

You all know I think writers should use Twitter. And Facebook. And other social media that helps you create your own community.

Here’s yet another reason you should use Twitter: that’s how I connected with my agent.

Well, not directly. I have long followed Rachelle because her tweets about publishing are helpful and entertaining. But the connection I made on Twitter that led me to Rachelle was not the agent herself.

It was another writer. That’s right, folks! A Twitter friend — who became an e-mail and phone friend — put me in touch with Rachelle.

I connected with this author about a year ago for the same reason many of you connect with certain tweeps: we have stuff in common. We both have a background in journalism, and we’re both working on memoir projects. After chatting occasionally over e-mail for several months, this tweep offered to critique my book proposal. Since she’d written many successful proposals herself, I jumped at the chance.

I didn’t know this then, but this tweep happens to be friends with a literary agent: Rachelle Gardner. During a conversation with Rachelle, she mentioned my book, which, of course, she knew a lot about since she’d read my proposal. And whatdoyaknow, Rachelle was interested. I’m now her client!

Every connection helps, even — or perhaps especially — connections we make for fun. If you’re not on Twitter, do yourself a favor. Join.

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    15 Replies to “Another reason writers should use Twitter”

    • Karen Walker says:

      Wow. You didn’t even have to write a query letter? Okay, Alexis, I’m convinced. Now I just need to figure out how to best use Twitter. I just never got it, whereas, Facebook seems friendlier and easier to me. Congrats again.

      • Alexis Grant says:

        Hey Karen — I did write a query letter (many drafts). I sent it to other agents, and I also sent it to Rachelle with my proposal, which she’d asked my friend to have me send to her. So it’s still a good idea to have a rockin’ query letter!

        Keep trying with Twitter. You’ll get the hang of it!

    • This is a great story! So cool how things work out, sometimes. Congratulations again!

    • Peggy Frezon says:

      So true! After being introduced to Twitter by some journalist/ travel writer/blogger (who could it be?!) I connected with interesting people to interview, which led to sales of several magazine articles. You’ll be amazed how easily you can make specific connections based on common interests. Tweet tweet!

    • I also got my agent through a connection with a writer pal, who I first “met” by following her online, then became true friends with over the course of about a year and an agent pal, ditto.

      I might have gotten this agent anyway…but I might not have. It certainly didn’t hurt that when my agent pal said, “No, I can’t sign you because this ms is too close to something I’m already repping,” I was able to ask “would you pass it on to Elaine?” and get a recommendation from my writer pal who had also read the ms.

      Met the agent pal via Facebook.

    • My book contract and agent were secured thanks to another type of social media, but Twitter helped me connect with many fellow authors and provided me with introductions to a couple very important (and wonderful) ones who then read my debut YA novel and gave me great blurbs for it! Definitely worth the time I spent learning the ropes!

      I’m totally with you, Alexis–Twitter and Facebook are both great tools for authors looking to connect with readers and other peers in the publishing business.

      Thanks for sharing your Twitter tale! 😀

    • Adam Morgan says:

      Great story, Alexis. My editor at Falcon found me on Twitter!

    • alisha says:

      Well, I’ve cracked! I was so anti-twitter but I’ve realized that it’s not going anywhere so I better sign up. Now I just hope I don’t get addicted!

    • Congrats on landing an agent! How exciting for you! I did not see this before now, as I had to disengage from Twitter and blogging due to an enormous time- and energy-sucking work project. Ugh. Anyways, now I am thrilled that your book is one step closer to ending up in my personal library. 🙂

    • Megan Hill says:

      HOLY CRAP, Lexi. CONGRATS. I guess I missed your earlier post announcing your amazing news, so don’t think I’m a jerk or anything. I’m so, so happy for you. You deserve it after all your hard work. Yay!!

    • littlehousesouthernprairie says:

      I am totally going to be Alexis when I grow up.

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