Another thing Google's good for: a laugh

July 7, 2010

Whenever I don’t know how to do something, I ask Google.

Usually I ask little things. Like how to add a signature with live links to my Gmail. Or whether it’s possible to give my YouTube channel a cool background. Or what a baobab tree looks like (to help me describe it in my book).

So before you e-mail me asking how to do something, ASK GOOGLE! Please! (Dad, you could also try this before e-mailing me to ask what the forecast is for tomorrow.)

Google is so good that not only will she answer your question, she will anticipate your question.

Unless you start your question the way I did yesterday. In that case, Google might be wrong:

I know, I know, I’m kibitzing (as my grandmother would say) when I should be giving you blogging hints. I really should just stop when I find myself filing a blog post under “distractions.” I promise to get back to the blogging series on Monday, after tomorrow’s Writers’ Roundup. Couldn’t resist this one.

And no, I can’t remember what I was Googling… Something related to social media, maybe about putting Flickr photos on Facebook.

I leave you with this: Don’t forget to ask Google.

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