Finding inspiration at an artist’s residency

October 1, 2010

This week I’m sharing with you what it’s like to work at a writer’s colony.

The best part is the solitude. The second best part? The people.

Last Friday night, all seven artists at Hambidge took time away from our work to be inspired — by each other. We walked from one studio to the next, checking out each others’ work. And let me tell you, being around creative people, seeing what they come up with during their time here makes me feel creative. It’s a little bit of Hambidge magic.

Some photos of the wonderful art in progress here:

Watercolor by Atlanta artist James Taylor.

Sculpture made out of a piece of wood Michael Murrell found during a hike here at Hambidge. I love this opera singer!

Coral reef made out of shredded financial statements, by Jayni Crimmins.

Last year during my residency here, I met an artist named Dayna Thacker who totally inspired me with her collages. I used to make tons of crafts as a kid, especially cutting and pasting from magazines, and after watching Dayna work with glue, I went home and started cutting and pasting myself. It was like she’d called the artist in me out of hiding.

I have a feeling I’ll get into some similar artsy projects after this residency, too. I’m thinking watercolor.

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