Got a working title for my book! Please Send Pants

November 17, 2010

A year and a half ago, I asked readers of this blog for help coming up with a title for my book. It made sense to ask for your opinion because many of you followed me here after reading my travel blog, so you were familiar with my travel tales.

From a list of possible titles, lots of you chose Please Send Pants. At the time, I didn’t like that title. I thought it was too silly, didn’t convey the sense of the book, yada yada yada.

But I should’ve listened to you then. Because now, nearly two years (two years!) after starting to write this book, my agent and I have decided on a working title. Yup. Please Send Pants.

My title has gone through quite a few iterations. At first, I called it Madame or Mademoiselle? For a while, my manuscript went by Glow Sticks Are Brighter in Africa. And during the last six months, I’ve called it Sweet Like Life. (I still really like that one.) But y’all were right; Please Send Pants is the best. While my book has plenty of serious scenes, overall I aim for a playful tone, similar to how I communicate on this blog. Please Send Pants reflects that. And combined with the subtitle, A Woman’s Solo Journey Through Africa, it gives the reader a sense of what the book is about.

Not to say the title won’t change again in the future — odds are that it will morph during the publishing process. But for now, I”m happy with this choice.

I’m also happy to have editorial notes back from my agent, which puts us that much closer to submitting to publishers. But more on that next week!

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