A writerly New Year’s weekend

December 29, 2010

I’m planning something different this New Year’s Eve.

How will you ring in 2011? (Photo credit: Flickr's Horia Varlan)

Rather than partying late on December 31st and recovering on the first day of 2011, I’m doing something special for myself: spending the three-day weekend writing.

I’m creating my own retreat of sorts in part because the deadline for my next revision is approaching (end of January!), and I need to spend every hour I can find in my busy schedule to meet it. But I’m also looking forward to dedicating the weekend to myself. I’m excited to focus on nothing but my book for three days, to have some time not just for editing, but for reflection. Going deep into my writing feels good. Kind of like a long run on a chilly day, when I clear my mind. That kind of good.

Spending this weekend in a writer’s trance will also help me set the right tone for 2011. It’s a solid reminder of my priorities for the upcoming year. Finishing this book is a priority.

Is anyone else planning a writerly New Year’s?

I’m planning something different this New Year’s Eve.

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    10 Replies to “A writerly New Year’s weekend”

    • Jen says:

      Good for you! This sounds like a wonderful plan for a long, New Year weekend.

      I wish I could take time for “me,” but we have a packed weekend planned: hosting NYE, visiting parents on NYD, then a trek down to CT to see more family on the 2nd. Yikes.

    • angie says:

      Confetti and bubbly are quite nice, but the past few New Years celebrations have been quiet and reflective as well… it’s a nice change of pace every now and then. Happy writing and Happy New Year.

    • I plan on vegging on the couch with my husband after our baby goes to sleep at 7ish, and then hoping there’s a special with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin again like last year, because their live show last year almost made me wet my pants.

      So I guess that’s a no.

      But I will be looking forward to 2011, which I am certain will include news of your book deal!

    • Lanham True says:

      Really jealous of your writerly retreat, says one still stuck in her hometown post-xmas, car in the shop….

    • Jennifer says:

      Sounds like a good plan. I only wish I could do the same – my kids kinda cramp my style 🙂 I do have a three-day trip away from the family planned for next month, in Vienna, and I’m going spend it wandering in art museums and writing in those famous cafes.

      Happy writerly new year.

    • I’ll definitely be doing some writing – of the freelance, deadline-driven variety. Never mind; it’s my bread and butter right now, and I am fortunate to have a stack of projects I enjoy.
      We’ll probably spend New Year’s Eve either downtown or at a friend’s house – I’m looking forward to it. But there will be writing, the rest of the weekend. Hope you enjoy yours, Lexi.

    • Andrea James says:

      Fun! Will you have some good snacks to get you through your writerly weekend?

      I’m planning a relaxing evening with family. Cozy and warm. =)

    • I’m kicking off my new goal to write 500 words a day (not including blog posts or e-mails), and after my non-productive 2010, it will be a big, positive step. The rest of the time, I’m going to do planning and reading, and relaxing. We’ve finally had a lovely snow, but the streets are very slick because of the cold–this is an awesome excuse to stay home.

      Happy New Year, Alexis. I hope 2011 brings great success for you. I’m really looking forward to reading your book.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Alexis,
      So glad I came across your blog! That was exactly my plan too – spend the last week of the year in the writing trance working on my new book. But it just wasn’t flowing. I couldn’t relax and let it happen. So instead, I got a massage from a guy who works with UFC fighters… and it just about killed me, in a good way 🙂 I couldn’t write, think or stand upright for two days. But then the words just came 🙂
      Let 2011 be the year when good things just come to you.

      • Alexis Grant says:

        Sometimes we need something like a massage to jolt us into it, huh? My weekend didn’t turn out exactly as planned either, since I fell sick on the first day, even BEFORE New Year’s! But I managed to be pretty productive anyhow. The good thing about having a cold is that it forces you to stay home 🙂

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