Writers’ Roundup: April 8

April 9, 2011

End of the week — Time for links!

  • I’ve raved before about Peter Gostelow’s blog; he’s cycling across Africa. This week had posted one of his best stories yet, about traveling on the Congo River.
  • Nieman Lab brings us a Q&A with Isabel Wilkerson about how she nailed the story structure for her (fabulous yet long) book, The Warmth of Other Sons. I was dying to ask Isabel these questions myself after I read the book, so I was psyched to see this interview.
  • YA writer Kate Hart makes her first appearance in the roundup with a flowchart on how to get published.
  • At The Awl, authors chime in on covers and blurbs and what really makes readers buy.
  • At editor Alan Rinzler’s blog, advice for Amanda Hocking (self-published diva who landed a traditional book deal) from authors and agents

Enjoy your weekend!

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    2 Replies to “Writers’ Roundup: April 8”

    • Lisa McKay says:

      I’m in the lobby of the Landmark Hotel in Bangkok (free wireless) and had to stop reading that last link because I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud that my face got all red and screwy and then tears started coming out and it looked, I’m sure, as if I had just received the worst news of my life via email. Thanks for that one.

    • Kate says:

      Thanks for the mention! 🙂

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