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June 13, 2011

Some weeks I have so much going on that it’s overwhelming. Each of you probably feel this way sometimes, too. The job, the book, family obligations, the blog….

When I start to feel overwhelmed, like there’s just not enough time for my projects, I ask myself: What is the one thing I want to get done this week to help me reach my goal? It could be write one story, complete one guest post, outline one e-book or flesh out one character. What’s that one thing that, if I get it done, will make me feel productive and good about myself?

What’s your one thing this week?

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    11 Replies to “My one thing”

    • I needed this today, Alexis. I’m feeling overwhelmed. My one thing: Coach my students on their profiles and travel pieces for our class blog on our trip to Uganda. I need to focus on that and not get distracted.

    • Kelsey says:

      This is great advice, though I usually do it with three things per week or one thing per day.

    • Hope Clark says:

      This week? It’s write five first draft chapters in my novel. It’s nearing the end and frustrating me. Has been for two months now.

      Hope Clark

    • Kim Kircher says:

      So right. Sometimes the best I can do is just one thing. I believe in the “fifteen minute theory”. Don’t try to tackle it all, just get through the next fifteen minutes. Complete a task now. As I write, I have my to-do list sitting at my side. It’s almost pulsing. Teasing me. Visiting my favorite blogs should be on there. That way I can cross it off my list and feel a sense of accomplishment.

    • Peggy Frezon says:

      Mine is usually to clean out my mailbox. It feels good to get organized, but I also find I get very little writing done that way.

    • Megan says:

      I definitely needed this – I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and never thought about setting one goal. I get so distracted with all of the side projects.

      My goal for this week is to get one resume out. Instead of just talking about finding a job I love on the west coast, actively supporting this dream will make me feel like I accomplished something. Thanks for the reminder to focus on one goal at a time.

    • My one thing this week is a very big one. Yesterday I booked a one-way ticket home (from Beijing to San Francisco) and right now I will book the ticket to my next destination, Chile. There are many, many, many small things to do to make this happen, especially since I leave next week (!) but the first thing is to book the tickets.

    • Lee says:

      My one thing that I just did was sign up for a trial lesson from MatadorU’s Travel Writing program. I have been debating about spending the money for this on-line course for over a month but when they sent me a promo saying I could try out the program for a week for $10, I couldn’t say no. Hopefully, this will help me farther on my goals of becoming a paid and traveling writer.

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