Cooper, The Lucky Dog, does D.C.

June 27, 2011

“D.C. was GREAT! They’ve got dirty, old chicken bones on the sidewalk, just waiting to be eaten! Sometimes they’re hidden, but if you scrounge around in the weeds a little, you’re sure to find a snack. And lots of new people to fool into giving you extra bones! Oh, and the dogs! A new friend on every corner! I even learned to climb stairs — OK, so my mom MADE me do it, but now I’m good at it. I won’t miss those terrifying grates on the sidewalks or all the people staring at me like they’ve never seen a big dog before or the horrid thunder-and-lightening storms during the night… Had to wake up Mom for those because I was too scared to sleep. But dog-oh-dog, what a vacation!”

— Cooper, The Lucky (country) Dog, after three weeks of sight-seeing in the nation’s capital

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