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August 2, 2011

I’ve written before about how I like to take advantage of affiliate programs. This means if you buy, say, the Thesis theme for through my link (which I like to endorse because I use it) or the Negotiating Your Sabbatical toolkit (which I need to write a post about), I get a cut.

Affiliate partnerships are win-win: The affiliate wins because they make money off someone else’s product, and the creator of the product wins because they reach a new audience and sell more products.

Affiliates = We all benefit from the same stick.

I’m now offering an affiliate partnership for my e-guide: How to Build a Part-Time Social Media Business. And it’s a generous affiliate share: If you sell my guide on your website, you’ll get one-third of the profits.

Just like I didn’t envision most of the readers of this blog would buy the guide, I don’t envision most of you will join the affiliate program. Not only do you need a self-hosted website, you’ll also want to have the right audience before you sell this guide, enough readers who might want to become social-media consultants. If this is you, boo-yah!

The people who join my affiliate program also might not need this explanation of how it works. But I like to share these things with my community so you can see the little steps I’m taking toward making money off this blog. It’s kinda fun, right?

If you’d like to sell my e-guide on your site, hop on over to my affiliate page. Through e-junkie (affiliate link!), it’s easy.

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