Climbing Mountains

August 7, 2011

I don’t consider myself religious, but I am spiritual. And I’ll take motivation and inspiration no matter what shape they’re in.

So I was psyched this morning at the gym when Joel Osteen, pastor of the mega-church I used to attend in Houston, showed up on the television screen in front of the bike I was panting on. I needed some Joel this weekend. Plus, I like the looks I get from other obsessive exercisers when they see me watching a guy preach to a stadium as the sweat rolls off my face.

Joel’s message today was one of my all-time favorites. We all have mountains in life, he said, ones that sometimes seem insurmountable. But praying about them isn’t enough. Neither is thinking about them or talking about them. In fact, talking about your mountains often just makes them bigger.

Photo credit: Flickr's Paul Mannix

Instead, you have to talk to your mountains, he said. Don’t ask them to move; tell them to. Don’t worry about whether you can overcome them; know you can.

In other words, the only way to conquer your mountains is to climb them.

So stop talking about your mountains, and start climbing.

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