Writers Roundup: August 19

August 19, 2011

Big news here Monday.

Yup, that’s all I’m gonna give you for now.

Don’t try to convince me to tell you! Come back MONDAY!

For now, lots of links:

  • My colleague Kim Palmer writes about how to master the new freelance economy. Some great examples here of people who have made their side hustle work for them.
  • At The Fearful Adventurer, Torre DeRoche — whose book launches in a few weeks! — writes about the case against 10-year plans.
  • Whoa! Discovered Dave Navarro’s The Launch Coach, which is a gold mine for writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs. More on this after I’ve read every single e-book he’s written.
  • Chris Brogan ran a series this week about writing books. It’s more for non-fiction authors than the novel-writers amongst us, but don’t miss it. The latest post was about making money.
  • Before you pitch a book blogger, check out this must-read advice from book reviewer Jessica Lawlor.
  • A list of Google+ hangouts! Got tipped off to this one by Keppie Careers.
  • Finally, I guested on social media thug Marian Schembari’s site this week about what to say on social media when you think you have nothing to say. Especially good for social-media newbies.

Happy weekend!

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