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September 13, 2011

In my latest survey, many of you said you’d like to read more about how to take a Leap in life.

So I’m giving you just that — in a newsletter that’s delivered right to your inbox!

This isn’t one of those annoying newsletters that clog your inbox every day and repeat word-for-word what you’ve already read on the blog. The Traveling Writer newsletter will only grace your inbox every week or two, and its content will always be different than what you read here.

Not only will you get exclusive-to-the-newsletter content that focuses on how to take your next Leap, you’ll also receive first dibs and discounts on a variety of products I’m preparing to launch, including:

    + My e-guide on how to take a career break to travel, which will put your dream trip within reach (I’m releasing this SOON and plan to offer a special pre-launch discount to anyone who subscribes to the newsletter)

    + An easy-to-follow online class for writers who want to start a blog or improve the one they’ve got

    + An awesome program called Make Your Own Luck that will help you use social media to reach your goals

    Best of all, it’s super easy to subscribe.


    See you on the flip side!

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