Writers’ Roundup: December 16

December 16, 2011

Happy Friday!

So many links worth your time this weekend:

  • What would happen if you lived without goals? The Minimalists’ Joshua Fields Millburn did that for 100 days and writes about it for Zen Habits.
  • New blog discovery! Loving Jeff Goins’ new ebook: Every Writer’s Dream: How to Never Pitch Your Work Again. My favorite line: “It’s time to stop waiting to be asked and start creating.”
  • Enjoyed this experiment from translator Leslie Forman on location independence. Not as easy as it looks!
  • Excellent piece by Penelope Trunk on career choices that women make. Lots of points here to agree and disagree with, but no matter your view, it will spark some solid ideas.
  • For some entrepreneurs, staying small might be preferable to rapid growth, according to this piece by my former U.S. News co-worker Kimberly Palmer. Could staying small help you do what you love?
  • On-the-mark post by Seth Godin: If you say you can’t, if you think it’s impossible, if you believe you have no choice, you’re killing your dreams.
  • Thinking about buying an ereader this holiday season? Mashable provides tips on how to decide which is the best for you.
  • Ready for a feel-good self-publishing story? Read about Darcie Chan’s experience in The Wall Street Journal, and take note of her marketing tips.
  • Can’t wait to listen to this BlogcastFM interview with Emilie Wapnick about developing her brand and selling a product online. I’m sure it will be awesome, which is why I’m including it here before I listen.
  • Running is such a great metaphor for life! Matt Chevy challenges us to keep going despite the difficulties we’re bound to face.
  • Finally, I wrote a piece for Mashable with practical advice for traveling bloggers or anyone working remotely.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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