Writers’ Roundup: April 13

April 13, 2012

Good morning!

Here’s a great batch of articles to start your weekend:

  • Leo Babauta at Zen Habits has written a step-by-step how-to for meditation — I’d love to try this. Would you consider it?
  • What composes the foundation of your relationships? Convenience? Proximity? Minimalist Joshua Millburn challenges us to let go of shitty relationships, the ones that are bringing us down. (And you know we ALL have a few of those.)
  • Can you really balance tweeting while writing? Blogger Robert Brewer offers a few time management tips for handling social media AND getting your “real” work done.
  • Whether you’ve found yourself in a dead-end job or are trying to determine your priorities, the Skool of Life’s lesson for the week is an excellent one: you’re never too late to be who you want to be.
  • Phil Paoletta, writer and “slow traveler,” has written an interesting report on the situation in Mali. (The northern part of the country that’s having problems is where I visited in 2008 — Timbuktu.)
  • As I work to expand my product offerings, I’m on the lookout for insight from those who’ve gone before me. Enjoyed this Rise to the Top interview with consultant Pam Hendrickson, who shares a few secrets to making high-value products.

Happy reading!

Oh, and I’m preparing to offer my social media course, Make Your Own Luck, again soon, possibly as early as May. If you want to up your social networking ante, check out the course details and sign up for an email alert when registration opens.

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    One Reply to “Writers’ Roundup: April 13”

    • Fi says:

      Thanks for a great bunch of article links, in particular the meditation one! It’s exactly what I need! Returning to full-time work after a year of travelling and lazily daydreaming has been somewhat of a shock to the system!

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