Writers’ Roundup: July 20

July 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

Guess what’s back this summer: MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!

I’m running the online networking course again Aug. 6-31. Throughout the month, you’ll get ONE practical tip each day that will help you grow your network — so you can get MORE out of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, without spending all day online.

This course will enable you to make connections that MATTER, so you can establish relationships with influencers who will help you reach your goals.

Want more details? Or maybe you want to hear what other participants have said about the course? Head on over to the sign-up page. Would love to have you!

Now for this week’s reads:

  • Notice that making friends over 30 can be challenging? You’re not alone, according to The New York Times! Thoughts?
  • Are all your friends chatting about Marissa Mayer’s new role as CEO of Yahoo!? Interesting reaction from Penelope Trunk, who says we’re all stuck in the 1970s.
  • If you’re hoping to live a more disciplined life, start with fitness, says writer Joel Runyon.

Enjoy the weekend!

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