Stop Waiting for Someone to Give You a Job

October 9, 2012

Stop complaining about the job market.

Stop spending all your time browsing job boards.

Stop acting like you’re entitled to a job.

Stop waiting for someone else to hire you.

stop signs

Yup, I’m lookin’ at YOU.


Be innovative.

Realize there are ways to make a living that don’t involve depending on someone else. (Like this idea? Tweet it!)

Get to work creating your own job.


By looking at your skills and figuring out how else you can make money with those skills. Maybe that’s consulting or freelancing. Maybe it’s growing an online community and selling products. Maybe it’s building something people will pay for.

Of course, this is not the easy way to make a living. It takes far more outside-the-box thinking than simply asking employers for a job, and not everyone is smart enough to make it work.

But if you’re smart enough to read this blog, you are probably smart enough to create your own job. To quit waiting for the economy to get better before following your dreams. To dig deep within yourself, rather than relying on someone else who may or may not come through.

I think you have it in you.

Do you?

If you DO have it in you but need a little push, check out my posts on entrepreneurship and following the dream.

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    13 Replies to “Stop Waiting for Someone to Give You a Job”

    • I’m not waiting anymore. In fact, officially launches today. A dream come true! And you’ve been an inspiring mentor/encourager/coach. Thanks Alexis!

    • Dana Sitar says:

      This is so awesome and unrelenting!

      Creating a job from your existing skills (and passions) is also the best way to guarantee that you’ll be doing a job you love. I’m going to pass this on to everyone I know who feels stuck in a 9-to-5 they hate because they think they have no other choice.

    • Love this post! I was just thinking this exact thing. I find that I’m at the point of my life that I want something of my own. So I’ve started…well, continued. I revisited my blog and what I love to do.

      I’m getting there.

    • Shola says:

      Hey Alexis! This post hit straight to the point, and I’m definitely feelin’ the message. I’m in the rare position of having a job that I enjoy, but I’m craving SO much more in my career than what I’m currently doing. Right now, I manage a corporate training department for a very well-known Health System, but I’m ready to be innovative and create my own speaking career focused on helping more people to enjoy their jobs. In fact, my first step in making it happen was to launch my blog last month. So, as of now, I’m officially done *talking* about it, and I’m fully ready to BE about it.

      No more relying on others to drop my dream career in my lap–I’m going to go after it today. Thanks so much for the much-needed reminder.

    • Hi Alexis,

      Found you through Tom Ewer, love the short but to the point post!

      I work a day job, but just started my site because I love the topic you are pushing here “Take control of your life”

      As Arnold says: I’ll be back

    • janet says:

      hell yeah i’m creating my own path! i still depend on clients though for work.. but want to include products into the mix soon.

    • C says:

      Thanks so much for this and your wonderful blog, Alexis. I needed to read that today!

    • Thomas James says:

      True. All we are have the potential to do what’s best for us. It only simplifies that you are not yet ready to set on your goals to reality if you still depend all those dreams to others.

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