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November 21, 2012

When reader Michelle left a comment on last week’s post about the benefits of guest blogging, it gave me an idea.

Some of you are looking for guest posting opportunities, while others are looking to run quality posts on your blog. So why not bring both sides together to help us all out?

How you'll feel when you make the right blogging connection.

How you’ll feel when you make the right blogging connection.

In the comments, let us know whether you fall into either camp. If you’re looking for guest blogging opportunities, what topics are you qualified to write about? If you’re eager to host writers on your blog, what types of posts are you looking for?

Be sure to leave your email, Twitter handle or blog URL so we can easily find you!

Look forward to seeing what kinds of connections we can make here!

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    91 Replies to “Guest Blogging Opportunities for You”

    • Lisa McKay says:

      I’m looking for both, actually. I’m launching a new website on long distance relationships in January and looking for good guest bloggers. I’m also keeping an eye out for opportunities to guest post about self-publishing or my recently published memoir, Love At The Speed Of Email. Email: Twitter: lmwriting and talkLDR. Personal blog:

      • Hi Lisa,

        I read and reviewed your memoir on my blog a few months ago. I’d love to contribute to your new website. I was in a long distance relationship for 3 1/2 years with a man I met while studying abroad in London. The long distance part wasn’t supposed to last that long, but the economy collapsed just before I graduated and we couldn’t get jobs in the same country. Then a month after I followed him to Hong Kong his company sent him back to London for a year. (We’re engaged and living in the same country now, so all is well).

        I’ll send you an email.


      • Hi Lisa,

        Similar story to Shannon for me as well. I met my husband while being at Georgia Tech for my Master’s, but couldn’t find funding for my PhD as the crisis had just hit, and then found my dream research project in Delft University of Technology (Holland). We’re still long-distance (I’m wrapping up my PhD and he found a job in Pittsburgh), but that didn’t prevent us from getting married last summer. I’d love to share what made our love grow stronger, even while being apart.

        I’ll ping you on Twitter.

        Eva @evalantsoght

      • Sharon says:

        If any of those long distance romances blossom into marriage I would love to feature the love story on!!! I think this could be an amazing additional, who doesn’t love to hear about a happy ending??? 😉

      • frenchadele says:

        Hi Lisa, I may have something interesting to share on your blog about LDRs. I am currently in a long-distance relationship with a Frenchman, a worthy Frenchman. I met him whilst he was in working my dusty outback Australian town, just before his working holiday visa expired. He returned to France but before he did, we decided there was a future for us and eight months later, followed him to France. I have now been in France for five months, returning in one month left to Australia and reopen the long-distance book again! I will send you an email.
        You can peruse my blog, at and I will send you an email!

    • I’m always looking for quality guest posters! 🙂

    • Amy says:

      Lexi, I love your blog and your newsletter! Are you aware of guest blogging opportunities or resources for someone just getting started?

    • I would love to do this swap! I can write on a variety of topics including art history, design, writing(magazine, freelance, etc.), internships, college admissions, dog ownership. I also have general editorial experience at a magazine.

      I would love guest bloggers for Runs With Markers. Anything that can safely fall into the categories of Art, Home, Fashion, Books, or Writing is fair game.

      Great idea!

    • Kevin Cole says:

      I’m definitely interested in guest posting as well as having some guest posters on my site.
      I’m all about owning life personally and professionally and would love to share a unique perspective for my blog and yours. : )

      • Liz says:

        Hey Kevin!
        I think that you and I have a lot in common with our blogs. We should connect.

        I don’t take blog posts, but I think we can be useful to each other. Let me know what you think.


    • Brad Veitch says:

      Great idea, Alexis! Very positive way to support bloggers and especially the new/newer/newest bloggers among us! When my blog goes, I’ll be back to check in with you.

    • Great idea, Alexis!

      I am a freelance blogger and specialize in the topics of lifestyle design, following your passion, work (how to survive it and to how work for yourself), and personal finance. You can check out some of my regular positions here for a sample of my work:

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Alexis! This is a great idea. I am interesting in being a guest blogger. I blog about travel memoir writing, photography, journaling as a practice for personal/professional development and creative living.

      In a recent blog post, I share an except from a work in progress.


    • Louis Burklow says:

      Thanks for this idea, Lexi. I’d like to write some guest posts. I have a small blog for now and I’m trying to figure out ways to get people to read it (non-spammers, that is). Jobwise, I’ve worked for several years for law firms and currently for a background investigation company. I was a history major in college and am strong in that subject and applying it to current events. I also have taken several creative writing courses, especially screenwriting, and I follow news on movies, television and book publishing. I’m fascinated with stories looking at how traditional media must change due to the digital revolution and the challenge of the Internet. I’m also cooking for myself more and can write about kitchen experiments/disasters.

    • Dana Sitar says:

      Awesome idea, Lexi! Thanks 🙂

      I’m always looking for both, as well. I welcome guests to DIY Writing to cover writing, freelancing, solo/entrepreneurship, following your dreams, and work/lifestyle design. See past guests here:

      I can offer posts for your blog on freelance writing, work/lifestyle design, following your dreams, blogging, and self-publishing. Here’s a list of a few recent guest posts I’ve written:

      Get in touch via Twitter ( or email: dmsitar(at)

    • Mark Bowness says:

      Hey guys, I thought I would throw my offer in. I am always looking for guest posters on the subject of ‘Life Change’ for my site and always value the opportunity to blog elsewhere. You can find me on – look forward to connecting!

    • Dee Dee says:

      I love this!

      I’m always looking for guest bloggers – specifically for people willing to talk about what makes their relationships work (or not) and how they define happiness, especially if they find happiness in things that most of us may not relate to in an easy way.

      And, Lisa, I love the idea of your blog about long-distance relationships. I’ve had two serious long-distance relationships. Once by choice and once as a military wife. There is a lot to be learned from having to find new and improved ways to communicate with someone you love!

    • Suzi says:

      Alexis, thanks so much for opening up new opportunities for connecting the dots between all of us!

      I am always looking for guest blog opportunities! All my published blogs posts can be found on my blog, categorized under “Stories Circulating About”. I am a freelance lifestyle writer and cover just about any topic from sports, exercise, healthy living, care giving, cooking….. the list goes on.

      Thanks again Alexis!

    • Cheryl says:

      I love this idea. I have a small blog. I am interested in a guest blogger. My blog is about real life–the beautiful, ugly, awkward, and funny. Life happens in all those categories and more. The blog focuses on family, health, faith, food, and frugal living as it is lived out in life.
      I am interested in guest blogging as well. I write about family, healthy living…(in the style of my blog).

    • Tehila says:

      I would love to write a guest post for someone out there!

      My blog is pretty new, and is essentially designed to encourage women. I mainly write for Christian women, exhorting them to abide in God and His Word, but also have many ideas for more general posts for women in general.

      An example of this would be the following blog post that I recently published:

      Thanks, Alexis, for this great opportunity!

    • Shawndra says:

      I’m seeking guest blogging opportunities about using Kickstarter, participating in NaNaWriMo, utilizing social media locally, writing a novel in ten days or becoming a freelancer and maximizing productivity. Thanks!

    • Alexis L says:

      I’m happy to write a guest blog for anyone out there, and I’d be delighted to have someone contribute a post to my blog,

      I write about the books I love, including classic literature, science fiction, and fantasy. I also write about my experiences as a symphony musician and music teacher (violin and viola). I’m currently writing a YA fantasy novel, and I’ve also written several reader’s theater plays for young adults.

    • Lexi, Thanks for jumping on my idea and making this an official exchange!

      I’m especially interested in finding guest bloggers who can add to the conversation on my blog, Polliwog on Safari. I am also interested in a limited amount of guest blogging.

      My blog focuses on nature and culture and the intersection of the two. I post “Travel Tuesdays,” “Wordless Wednesday,” and Friday generally focuses on activities to do with kids in nature. My primary audience is parents, teachers, homeschoolers and unschoolers, though I also have many fellow KidLit writers who follow. The bulk of my readers are from the US, though I also have regular readers from India, France, the Philippines, Morocco, and the UK.

      Learn more on my “Guest Blogging” tab.
      Twitter @MCusolito

    • Alexis Grant says:

      These are awesome opportunities, everyone! Keep ’em coming!

      And don’t forget to sign up for my free webinar next week on how to get editors at popular blogs to say YES to your guest posts:

      See you there 🙂

    • Anne Belov says:

      Can I throw my hat (or maybe a cuppycake) into the ring? I am a painter, writer, cartoonist and aspiring children’s writer/illustrator. I am interesting in blogging about the creative process, humor, and of course, panda satire. I recently self published the first book of my cartoons, called The Panda Chronicles Book 1: Your Brain on Pandas. I also write for the Whidbey Life Magazine You can find me at or email me at
      If there are other cartoon bloggers who would like to do an occasional guest post I am open to that.

      • Hi Anna,

        Would you be interested in writing a post for my series on writing from the perspective of a wide variety of authors/bloggers/writers from my research / academic blog?
        And/Or: would you like to contribute to my series on the creative process?

        You can contact me through my blog or @evalantsoght

        I’d love to hear from you,


      • Anne, would you be willing to write a post about creativity for my blog? I have a weekly feature on my site called “Muse Monday”, where I post general creativity tips and things of that nature. Let me know. Thanks!

    • Anne Belov says:

      And I forgot to mention, I ran two successful Kickstarter campaigns this past year and am open to blogging about the experience.

    • Michael C. says:

      I’d love to write guest posts for some other bloggers out there. I write and speak on leadership, productivity, team building and intentional living. My blog address is My twitter handle is @michrls.

    • Emma says:

      Hi There,

      great idea 🙂 I am a full time guest blogger and writer and so am able to guest post about numerous subjects ( it scares me who much I know about PPI these days…) and I have recently started my own guest posting blog for those finding it hard to get opportunities due to the SEO stats nazi’s :

      and I have just started my very own little blog which I am really getting into:

      I love to write and am always open to hearing from people and providing posts both in a professional and personal sense. My email is I can send extensive examples of my work etc 🙂


    • I am in both camps! I’m looking to do guest blogs (as you know!) on taking kids on missions trips but also can write about traveling and kids and discipleship issues, as that’s my job. I am starting to focus my blog on living fearlessly, so I am looking for stories of people conquering their fears or related ideas.

    • Dan Ortiz says:

      Anyone interested in dog blogging can post to my new site: I would also love to guest blog about dogs, photography, or the Apple/Macintosh world (strange combination, I know).

    • Kevin Kermes says:

      I too am looking for both. My blog, Career Attraction, focuses on better career management by identifying your target audience, tightening up your message and then creating a sustainable campaign. The net: opportunities coming inbound versus chasing after them. Lately, I’ve taken a closer look at social norm, the psychology behind how we interact and teaching readers to leverage that to their benefit.

      One of my recent posts:

      Where you can reach me:

      Thanks for making this happen, Lexi!


    • Thank you so much for this idea, Alexis!

      I’m looking for guest bloggers for my research / academic blog : I’m planning to do a series in which I invite writers from different niches to share their thoughts and ideas with my audience of PhD students and early career researchers. Contributions on productivity, time management, work/life balance, health, creativity and civil engineering are all welcome (plus I’m open for suggestions).

      At the same time, I’m also looking for guest blogging opportunities. Some topics I enjoy writing about: civil engineering topics, writing, productivity, health, study hacks, higher education, feminism, living abroad, bands/new CD releases (I’m a staff writer at ) and smart spending.

      You can get in touch with me through e-mail , via or @evalantsoght

    • Kathleen says:

      Alexis, your site is a goldmine of advice and inspiration!

      After writing numerous travel articles and guides and publishing them traditionally, I’m just starting to blog. I haven’t found a comfortable groove yet, and I don’t know if I’ll include guest posts, but if you ever need a post or a quote/interview on guidebook publishing, Southwest travel, or yoga, please feel free to ask!

      Thanks for this invitation–it’s terrifically inspiring to see what others are creating on their blogs!

    • Missy says:

      If anyone wishes to write on the BUSINESS SIDE of writing, I am open to guest posts on the subject.

      Such as how to market your writing, your book, your services, etc. My site is a small business blog – G34 Media – and I am open to good guest posts from established and knowledgeable business owners. Including writers.

      Contact me here:


    • Sharon says:

      Hello! I am interested in exchanging guest blogs with those in the fashion, plus fashion and wedding industries. is currently seeking guest bloggers to write on DIY wedding ideas, beauty, fitness, plus fashion and other fun relate able topics. We already have several posted so feel free to repost if you feel conducive for your site.

      Look forward to working with you in the near future!


    • I’m looking for both, too! I am accepting guest posts on my blog ( and am looking for blogs to guest post on. My topics of interest for both include: gluten-free cooking, recruiting, community management, social media, reputation management, and professional development for Gen Y women! I look forward to connecting with some of you. Thanks for this opportunity, Alexis!

    • What a party going on! I love writing guest posts for other blogs, I’ve written for Brazen (with Alexis!), Business Insider, Under30 series, and others.

      I write about ways to attack life with the mindset of an entrepreneur because we all are!

      I’m on Twitter @7MEntrepreneur e-mail:

      I’ve never had a guest poster, maybe you could be the first….

    • This is so neat! I love seeing everyone connect! 🙂 I write at to teach the basics of vegan cooking – how and why and what, and I’m a Vegan Lifestyle Coach for those interested in becoming vegan or simply eating more meatless meals or simply cooking for (or understanding!) someone in their lives who is vegan. I would love love to guest post somewhere, or to host a guest blogger! Be in touch! 🙂

    • Varadh says:

      Though I write about “Social Media” and moving to “social business” topics, as a guest post I would love to write about Indian Epics and stories. Or anything about Indian mythology. Of course, any “social Business” topics are always welcome.

    • Alexa says:

      Hi there! I’m looking for guest blogging opportunities to get word out for my new book, Whispers of Nightfall. I’m just getting started and would love the chance to guest blog on any website looking for new literature. Whispers of Nightfall is a fantasy novel, recently published. I’m also on Facebook. Thanks for any interest!

      • Hi, Alexa. I do author interviews on my blog every Friday. If you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll send you some questions to answer. I also publish guest posts three to four times per week, but the posts have to have something to do with writing, editing, publishing, or books in general.

    • This is an excellent idea! I am currently working on revitalizing a blog that I started a couple of years ago. Joining this community of bloggers is my first step! 🙂

      Spinning Globe Adventures
      This blog focuses on global travel adventures with a mission to promote sustainable and responsible tourism with a special focus on environmental conservation, cultural heritage, and small and local businesses and artists. Right now I am looking for guest bloggers to share their personal travel adventures and tips including:
      – articles (300-500 words )
      – photo slideshows (10-15 photos)
      – videos (30-60 seconds)

      Contact: Christina Dzingala

    • Hi there! I’m looking for both as well. I have an “everything blog” about freelancing, gluten-free cooking, career development, small business, and developing a fulfilling life and would love to guest blog or feature guest bloggers. You can email me or find me on Twitter!

    • Hi there, my name is Johnny Crosskey and I blog over at Financial Lessons. I’m currently looking for guest writing opportunities on the subjects of entrepreneurship, building a dream career, personal development and social media. I would also love to host guest bloggers that can write about the above-mentioned topics. As you can tell from the name of the blog, we deal with topics of personal finance, including debt management and general money topics for growing families. We also give tips on finding your ideal career and business.

    • This is great! I’m so glad I found this site. I’m a writer, editor, and book blogger.

      I’m looking for guest blogging opportunities on anything to do with writing, self-publishing, marketing, etc. Here’s a link to a recent guest post I did:

      I’m also looking for guest bloggers. The posts have to be about creativity, words, writing, editing, or publishing…but as long as you follow those guidelines, anything goes! I also do author interviews, so if you’re interested in one of those slots, email me at, and I’ll send you a list of questions to answer.

      Thanks, everybody. Looking forward to working with you!

    • Jorge says:

      Hi everyone.
      I’ve been blogging since 2007 on technology and business, and would love to write a guest post on either of those subjects.
      if anyone has run a successful Kickstarter campaign, or has self-published and is willing to share their experiences in a written interview for my tech column please let me know.
      You can reach me on twitter @jorgepaez.

    • Travis says:

      I’m looking for both, but mainly someone with a following to post on mine.
      I write about NFL and college football and basketball.

      I’m only getting about 2000 views a month, but my blog is only a month and a half old. Thank you and sorry if this was the wrong place to post.

    • Eric says:

      If anyone needs a guest blog done with subjects including business, gambling, men, drinking, suits, men’s fashion, or making money, feel free to contact me.

    • Stephen says:

      I am looking for both guest bloggers on my art blog, and guest blogging opportunities. I am a painter and mixed media artist, specializing in abstract paintings. My interests include painting, sculpting and photography, as well as any other art. I also am interested in psychology, art therapy and occupational therapy as well as child care and sensory integration. Feel free to contact me at

    • I am looking to write for blogs. I am a meditation coach, metaphysical adviser of @IntuitionHost providing spiritual awareness through intuitive card and tea readings. To be brief, anyhow 😉

    • Hello! I would love to write for lifestyle blogs and I am looking for people to write for my blog (, too!

      Please e-mail me at mevfrancisco [at] gmail [dot] com for more info! 🙂

      I want to interview a couple of new bloggers too, how they’re keeping up with the blogging world and things like that. You can e-mail me, I can send you questions, then maybe we can fix the whole article together! 🙂

      Thanks for this, Alexis! I love your blog! 🙂

    • Sheila says:


      Wonderful and generous of you to make this opportunity available to self published authors in search of guest blog sites. My topics are gift-giving and gift receiving, in life, in stories and in the movies. Life is constant giving, taking, withholding and receiving. Thanks for the gift of your blog!

    • Hey Alexis,

      We are open to guest posts on the following topics: Kickstarter marketing, Indiegogo marketing, digital marketing and crowdfunding PR. Both paid, and do-follow links options are available.

      Starwood Creations

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