Writers’ Roundup: March 22

March 22, 2013

Who’s ready for the weekend?

Here are my favorite finds from the week:

Writers' Roundup (Alexis Grant)

  • The internet was angry this week, and for good reason. Google announced it’s shutting down Google Reader, which I use personally and for client work. Though I still hope we can #savegooglereader, Jessica Lawlor has a helpful post on how to transition to Feedly.
  • I’m cheering on Cordelia as she begins the countdown to leaving her day job. If you want to start freelancing full time, it’s worth a read.
  • Interesting — Elizabeth Gilbert and her publisher couldn’t agree on the cover of her next book, so she’s letting her readers choose.
  • Thanks to transitioning journalist Allyson Bird for explaining what so many of us don’t have the heart to write: Why I left news.
  • If you’re new to the blog and don’t yet know the nitty-gritty details behind how I started working for myself, check out this video interview at Radical Tribe.

Enjoy your weekend!

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