Writers’ Roundup: April 12

April 12, 2013

Happy Friday!

Here’s your weekend reading:

Writers' Roundup (Alexis Grant)

  • Dani Shapiro weighs in on memoir; or, how art gives form to our messy lives.

Enjoy your weekend!

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    2 Replies to “Writers’ Roundup: April 12”

    • Can’t wait to read these links!

    • Joanna Platt says:

      Thanks for sharing these, Alexis! Loved both “One Habit to Adopt…” and “You Can Be Busy or Remarkable–But Not Both.”

      I’ve been struggling on exactly what to do to move my business forward and the first helped me realize that I just need to pick something and try it.

      Recently my after-work schedule has really opened up and I’m LOVING it. I really want to be selfish with my time. I love to have time to think, to process. And the second reinforced something I had a feeling was true.

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