Writers’ Roundup: May 17

May 17, 2013

Happy Friday!

Here are my favorite finds from this week:

Writers' Roundup (Alexis Grant)

Have a great weekend!

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    One Reply to “Writers’ Roundup: May 17”

    • Aj Gonzales says:

      Hmm, my initial comment didn’t push through. Lemme rewrite it.

      Thank you for the really awesome collection of articles.

      The one thing that really jumped out for me was that you are managing more than one blog. I’ve been blogging intermittently for the past decade because I can’t figure out how to mesh my interests into one. The popular advice says to stick to one interest and blog about it. I have three predominant interests – makeup, the bpo industry, and fantasy fiction. My gut says to launch three blogs since I can’t really mix all three. Am I missing something here? I feel like I’m trying to make a social media frankenstein monster by putting them all together.

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