The Dream Workcation: Retreat & Create is Open for Applications

January 22, 2020

TL;DR: I’m running a workcation for women in Harpers Ferry, WV, May 17-21, and applications are now open! The early-bird deadline (to get the reduced rate) is Feb. 18, 2020.

* * *

Once a year or so, I try to get away. 

Not to escape my work, which tends to be the impetus for most getaways. No, I want to do the opposite: completely engage in my work. Get engrossed in whatever’s exciting me at that moment. Find focus and clarity. Gain momentum. And make real progress.

When I add self-care to the mix — time outdoors, good food, some fun, some relaxation — I find this type of getaway really feeds my soul. And when I can spend time with other women, even better.

But this workcation I dream of has never been easy to find. It’s almost shameful in some circles to want time away to grow ideas, projects and companies. As women, we should prefer to lay on the beach and read romance novels, right? 

Unplugging is way more trendy. And yes, we absolutely need some of that, too. But what happens when you’re the type of person who feels energized by your work?

What I envisioned simply didn’t exist. So I improvised.

One year I attended a women’s yoga vacation, but I felt awkward when I skipped scheduled activities to write.

I attended business conferences, but found myself exhausted after days full of speakers and high-pressure networking, desperate for down-time before going home to my family.

What I really needed was a combination of the two. And when I moved my family to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, last year, I realized this idyllic mountain town was the perfect place to create it.

Introducing Retreat & Create

So this May, I’m going for it. I’m running the first Retreat & Create, a work + nature retreat for women.

I want to welcome a group of 10 ambitious women who are building meaningful careers and companies across industries to come together for a productive, rejuvenating five days in this peaceful setting.

The retreat is all-inclusive: four nights accommodation in a beautiful inn, three meals a day (including dinners at unique local restaurants), hikes and a massage. The only thing you have to do is get here, and we organize the rest. The idea is to take logistics off your plate during your stay, so you can focus entirely on relaxing, finding clarity, and doing your best work.

The inaugural retreat will run May 17-21, 2020 (Sun.-Thurs.) in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

I’m offering a special reduced rate for the first retreat. Apply by the early-bird deadline of Feb. 18, and the cost is $1,650. (I’m planning to set it around $2,300 in the future.) My hope is this first group will provide honest feedback on what’s great and what could be better, to help me tailor an amazing experience.

Applications are now open. If you want to join us, the application is at the bottom of the Retreat & Create website

Based on early interest, I suspect I might have more applicants than spots. So if I get a lot of applications, I’ll look at hosting again later in the year.

What can you do to help? If you know of a woman who would benefit from this type of work + nature getaway, please send this her way. Together we raise each other up!

Thank you all for your support in bringing this to life.

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