A Dilemma for Working Mothers: Fix the System, or Go Around It?

June 25, 2019

Because we need more women in decision-making roles.

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Change Can Be Scary… And So Worth It

June 19, 2019

We were living under the curse of Doing Too Much. And we knew it wasn’t sustainable.

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How a Lesson I Learned in High School is Helping Me Get Back in Shape

March 8, 2019

It’s hard to be bad at something when you used to do it well. But I keep reminding myself: It’s not the speed that matters. It’s consistency.

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How We Outsource Meal Prep for Our Family and How Much It Costs

February 7, 2019

An exciting experiment in creating brain space…and eating healthy food at the same time.

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Make This Easy Change in Slack to Improve Your Company’s Culture

January 25, 2019

This has the potential to change not how efficiently your team works, but how they feel about the work they produce.

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4 Systems I’m Creating in 2019 to Better Balance Family, Work and Self

January 4, 2019

Last year, my husband and I tried to do too much, and it affected our physical and mental health. This year, we vow to do things differently.

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Here’s How I’ve (Barely) Juggled Work and Kids This Year

December 31, 2018

I love my job and I love my family, but I’m struggling to do both at once.

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This is What Happened When Our Startup — and My Family — Got Hit By Irma

September 16, 2017

Waiting on that hurricane with two kids under 2, I was filled with dread.

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My Company Was Acquired and I Had a Baby 2 Months Later: When Career and Mommyhood Collide

May 19, 2017

What it’s like to raise a baby and a startup at the same time.

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