It’s Crazy (and Almost Unfair) How Much This One Thing Affects Your Career Success

November 7, 2013

Know what’s even more crucial for your career success now that we’ve transitioned into the wonderful world of digital? Not skills. Not experience. And not networking, although that’s pretty darn important, too. What’s most important, especially in the online realm, is CONFIDENCE. In the digital world, you are who you say you are. (Click to […]

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What It Really Takes to Grow a Side Gig

January 9, 2013

Don’t miss this upcoming webinar: Launch Your Side Hustle Like a Rock Star. (Yes, it’s free.) Starting a side hustle — whether you’re working a designer, writer, coach or whatever — isn’t easy. And one of the biggest challenges is TIME. How on earth are you supposed to launch a business when you’re already working […]

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Use This Twitter Technique to Make Big Things Happen

September 19, 2012

We all know making connections over Twitter is an effective way to work toward your career and life goals, whether you’re looking to change jobs, build a business, grow traffic to your blog, and more. But what’s not always so clear is exactly HOW to make those connections on Twitter. It’s not always obvious how […]

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3 Ways to Teach Yourself Anything You Want to Learn

August 1, 2012

If you look closely at people who are succeeding in this new digital world of work, you’ll notice they have something in common: they’re fast learners and willing to adapt. Even more importantly, they go out of their way to learn what they don’t know, to gain the skills and knowledge they need. Because in […]

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Teach Yourself What You Need to Know to Succeed: Lessons from The Education of Millionaires

January 25, 2012

Every college kid and recent grad should go out and buy (or borrow) Michael Ellsberg’s new book, The Education of Millionaires. Really. I feel so strongly about this that I’m sitting here thinking about who I should buy it for. I heard about Michael and his book via Mixergy, an educate-yourself website full of interviews […]

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Use the Changing World of Work to Your Advantage

November 16, 2011

Yesterday I spoke to the Association Media & Publishing about career development in the digital age. Specifically, how to use the changing world of work to your advantage. (Notice I’ve been doing more speaking gigs lately? That’s becoming a piece of my income pie!) Taking advantage of trends in the workplace is a topic I’m […]

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