Use This Twitter Technique to Make Big Things Happen

September 19, 2012

We all know making connections over Twitter is an effective way to work toward your career and life goals, whether you’re looking to change jobs, build a business, grow traffic to your blog, and more.

But what’s not always so clear is exactly HOW to make those connections on Twitter. It’s not always obvious how to become a Twitter power user.

So here’s one super effective technique you should add to your Twitter regime to get the absolute most out of your time on the network.

Effective Twitter Technique

This technique will drastically change how you use Twitter. It will help you become far more targeted with the network, so you get more out of your efforts. In other words, it will help you become more productive.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Creating your own Notice-Me List.

What’s a Notice-Me List?

It’s a Twitter list of people you want to notice you, people who can help you get where you want to be. And this is important: it’s a private list, so only you can see it. (If you’ve never created a Twitter list before, here’s how to do it.)

Most lists are topical and include people who, say, tweet about entrepreneurship or represent the future of journalism. But the tweeps on your Notice-Me List don’t have to have anything in common other than being people you want to know how great you are.

Your Notice-Me List could include the CEO at that startup you want to work for. Or the editor you need to pitch to place a piece in your favorite magazine. Or the blogger you’d love to link to your blog. Or anyone else who’s connected to your goals. Because as the authors of The Startup of You wrote, “If you’re looking for an opportunity, you’re really looking for people.

Now, your targets won’t notice you just because they’re on your list. In fact, you don’t even want them to know they’re on your list — that’s why you’ll create a private list only you can see.

Since the list is private, I actually call mine NoticeMe. But use whatever title motivates you to make the connections that will help you take the next step in your career.

Now what should you do with this list? You should pull it into Hootsuite (or your preferred Twitter app or simply check it via Twitter) and use it to subtly help these people notice you.

By subtly, I don’t mean BEG. Don’t @reply these people and ask them to check out your blog. In fact, don’t ask them for anything. Instead, help them think they noticed you on their own.

To accomplish this, RT a few of their tweets, and add a thoughtful comment so they know you’re a smart cookie. @reply to one or two of their tweets. Or offer a valuable resource that will help them in some way, and CC them on the tweet. You might even introduce them to someone you know who could help them. The key is to interact with them in a valuable and interesting way.

Once you do one or all of these things, the person will likely check out your Twitter feed. That’s why you want to have a feed full of helpful information, plus an enticing bio, so they’ll like what they see and follow you back.

Because guess what happens when they follow you back? That opens the line for private communication via a direct message. And that’s when your real opportunity arises. Now you can send a private note introducing yourself and offering even more valuable information. Don’t ask for anything yet though. Cultivate the relationship first, ask for favors later.

This technique helped me land a job interview. It helped me get mentions and links around the web. And it helped me make connections with influential bloggers so I could write guest posts for their site — and direct tons of traffic back to my blog and newsletter.

What I’m saying is, this technique works.

And it all starts with your Notice-Me List. So start thinking about who YOU want to connect with online, and get to work creating that list!

Find this tip valuable? Then check out my five-week course, Become a Twitter Power User. If you really want to make connections with people who hold the keys to your goals, join us Oct. 1.

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