chapter one

Writing when you're ready

August 12, 2009

During memoirchat on Twitter last week, I told another writer of memoir how much trouble I’m having writing Chapter One. I’ve struggled with it for weeks, writing and re-writing, never feeling satisfied. Other chapters of the book have come easier than this, I explained. I’ve already written much of the middle of the story. She […]

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Tackling Chapter One, the scariest of them all

July 28, 2009

I’ve never been the kind of journalist that can bang out a lead. Sometimes it’s easy to crank out the first paragraph, but more often than not I write the rest of the story and return to the lead afterward, crafting it right on deadline. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I feel challenged […]

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Writers' Roundup

July 24, 2009

Did I say the first two-thirds of my manuscript would be ready for critique by Aug. 1? Who was I kidding?! I’m getting bogged down mostly by the beginning (more about that next week if it’s still a problem). But the rest is coming together nicely, and so I say, that’s still progress! Links I […]

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