How to Find Your First Social Media Client

July 1, 2013

You know social media like nobody's business. You're a Twitter power user, you've unlocked all of LinkedIn's secrets, you see Pinterest as a work of art, and you know Facebook inside out. Yet while carefully curating tumblrs is fun, eventually you're going to want to get paid. So how do you find your first client? […]

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How to Manage Social Media Campaigns for Clients

October 5, 2011

Since I launched my eguide on starting a social-media consulting biz, several people have asked how I help small businesses and organizations build online communities. When you run a social media campaign for a company, how do you go about doing it? It differs according to each client. It also differs according to your consulting […]

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I'm open for social media business!

June 22, 2010

My job hunt has taken an unexpected turn. A good one. Though I’ve applied mostly for journalism positions, plus a few other writing-heavy jobs, something different keeps falling into my lap: social media gigs. I resisted it at first. I see “social media consulting” and immediately think snake-oil salesman. I mean, who really needs someone […]

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