The Secrets of Becoming a Solopreneur

October 24, 2011

Something big happened on Friday night. I got hit with an Idea. BOOM. And I started writing furiously. You know how that feels, right? I’d planned to wait until after the New Year to unveil my next product. I’ve been Scheming about a paid newsletter, but I wanted to have it all planned out and […]

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How It Feels to Leave Your Job & Work for Yourself

August 24, 2011

In one word: terrifying. Actually, now that I’ve made the decision, now that there’s no going back, I feel excited. Since Monday, my first day of working independently, I’ve felt totally pumped! But a few weeks ago, while I was still deciding whether to make this move, I felt mostly terrified. I did not feel […]

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Creating the Life You Want to Live

August 22, 2011

The universe sends us opportunities when we least expect it. Sometimes those opportunities are veiled as disappointments, and sometimes we miss them altogether. But when we recognize them and jump, an amazing thing happens: the opportunities multiply. Which is why, when an appealing client came my way recently, I decided to go for it. Not […]

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Writers need health care, too

May 28, 2009

When I tell friends I’m writing a book instead of working full time, they often inquire, “What do you do about health insurance?” Usually part of the reason they bother to ask is because they, too, have thought about leaving their job to pursue a bucket-list project. And most people who leave full-time employment are […]

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