The Secrets of Becoming a Solopreneur

October 24, 2011

Something big happened on Friday night.

I got hit with an Idea. BOOM. And I started writing furiously.

You know how that feels, right?

I’d planned to wait until after the New Year to unveil my next product. I’ve been Scheming about a paid newsletter, but I wanted to have it all planned out and perfect before I told y’all about it.

But on Friday night I realized: I’m living the newsletter right now.

Everyone keeps asking me how I’m doing this. How I’m going from employee to solopreneur. How I’m making money, juggling responsibilities, learning to outsource and diversify and earn online.

And in the next few months, I have big goals that will spark even more questions. Big goals to surpass the income I was making before taking this Leap and spend more time doing what I enjoy and figuring out how to travel at the same time.

This Friday I realized that if I hold off on offering this newsletter, readers will miss out on some of the best lessons.

So I’m starting Solopreneur Secrets now. I’m not planning a big launch like I did with How to Take a Career Break to Travel or writing to everyone I know asking them to spread the word or creating a super-convincing sales page.

I’m simply getting started. This weekly letter is for all of you who want to figure out how to make a living doing what you love, give yourself the financial, geographic and creative freedom you deserve, and create the lifestyle you want to live.

I offer all of that here on this blog, of course, and I’ll keep doing that for free. But if you want to, as one successful paid newsletter creator says, “go deeper” into all the details of making a living on your own terms, then join me for Solopreneur Secrets. It’s just $5/month (hey, I said “paid,” not “will-make-me-rich”), and you can quit at any time.

The first letter will be delivered to your inbox a week from tomorrow, next Tuesday.

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