take a leap

A Trick for Getting Where You Want to Be, Faster

October 10, 2012

Feel like you’re not moving fast enough toward your goals? Like you’re stagnant, struggling against the current? Here’s a counter-intuitive strategy that will help you make progress faster than ever before. Stop waiting until you’re ready We all tend to wait until we feel ready to make a change, or even take steps toward that […]

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Introducing The Traveling Writer Newsletter

September 13, 2011

In my latest survey, many of you said you’d like to read more about how to take a Leap in life. So I’m giving you just that — in a newsletter that’s delivered right to your inbox! This isn’t one of those annoying newsletters that clog your inbox every day and repeat word-for-word what you’ve […]

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On Evil Plans: When Scheming Becomes Planning

June 8, 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my Next Big Adventure. Pondering. Plotting. Scheming. Not quite to the point where I’m ready to tell the world what that Big Adventure might be… but yes, scheming. And today something happened that turned my scheming into planning. It started with my eyes hurting at work, sore from […]

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Why You Should Take That Leap Now

April 18, 2011

~ A follow-up to How to Find the Guts to Take a Leap When I was 23 and interning at The New Zealand Herald in Auckland, I heard the Associated Press, a news service, was hiring a correspondent for their South Pacific bureau. I’d already fallen in love with New Zealand, knew I wanted to […]

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