time management

Why Work-Life Integration is a Better Goal Than Work-Life Balance

June 10, 2015

Everyone’s always talking about the importance of work-life balance — and how elusive it can be. But what if our conversations around work-life balance were all misguided? What if we started talking about work-life¬†integration instead? That’s how productivity blogger Laura Vanderkam approaches it, and her take really resonates with me. Rather than forcing our workday […]

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My one thing

June 13, 2011

Some weeks I have so much going on that it’s overwhelming. Each of you probably feel this way sometimes, too. The job, the book, family obligations, the blog…. When I start to feel overwhelmed, like there’s just not enough time for my projects, I ask myself: What is the one thing I want to get […]

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6 Digital Tools That Keep Me Sane

June 1, 2011

Because I have my hands in so many buckets, a few of you have asked how I manage it all. The truth is, I’m trying to cut back, working to choose priorities and stick with them. I also make conscious lifestyle choices, like living mostly TV-free; that goes a long way. But like all of […]

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