World Domination Summit

A New Way to See the Person Next to You

August 1, 2013

After the World Domination Summit, one of the things I heard myself and other attendees saying again and again was how great it was to be surrounded by people who want to live remarkable lives. People who want to live differently. Who have great stories to tell. Who see the world through a lens that’s […]

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When Absolutely Freakin’ Amazing Becomes Normal

July 8, 2013

When you return home from an event like the World Domination Summit, you feel full. Full of ideas. Full of inspiration. Full of optimism. And full of bits and pieces you want to digest and cobble together and most importantly, act on while they all still make sense inside your cluttered head. Let’s hit pause […]

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How Would You Invest $100 in a Meaningful Way?

July 23, 2012

On the last evening of the World Domination Summit, Chris Guillebeau gave everyone in the audience $100 to invest in a meaningful project or person. Yes, all 1,000 attendees walked away with $100. It’s a cool idea on many levels: it’s great promo for Chris’ new book, The $100 Startup, and it directly supports the […]

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