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August 30, 2010

Thanks for following me to my new cyber-home!

Because I know you’re dying to hear what I sound like, I’ve got my first-ever video to welcome you to I’ll also include highlights below in case you’d prefer to read instead. And yeah, it wouldn’t be my first blog video if my eyes weren’t closed.

Video Highlights:

  • Why’d I switch to this site? To have everything in one place. This is now the home of my blog, The Traveling Writer, as well as my social media coaching biz, Socialexis.
  • I’m using the Thesis theme for this site. I’ll have a post in the near future that explains the transition from to for those of you who want to do the same.
  • Video tip: Keep your online videos short and sweet — I shoot for between a minute and 1:45. I mean, c’mon, whose attention span lasts longer than that?

Feel free to peek around the site! If you find any broken links or typos or anything that doesn’t look right, I hope you’ll let me know. And if you’re one of the awesome folks who includes a link to my blog on your blogroll, please remember to switch the link!

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