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August 31, 2010

The tricky part about moving to is convincing y’all to follow me here.

If you subscribed by RSS to my old blog, you’ve got to re-subscribe here. Stinks, I know.

Subscribe! Subscribe!

If you subscribed to my old blog via e-mail, you’re all set. No need to re-subscribe because I changed the settings for you.*

And if you’ve never subscribed before, now’s your chance! Blog subscriptions are awesome because they save you from having to go to your favorite blogs every day. Instead, those blogs come to you — and only when they have new content.

If you’re new to this game, your best choice is probably to subscribe via e-mail. That means an e-mail will be delivered to your inbox whenever I post. Nice, right? You won’t miss any of my posts about writing, social media or travel.

If you use an RSS reader like Google Reader — a tool that aggregates all of your blogs in one place — you’ll probably prefer to subscribe to my Feedburner feed. (What’s an RSS feed? I’m having trouble finding a plain-English explainer, which means I should probably do a post on it at some point.)

So go ahead, subscribe! I promise to make it worth your while.

*Why do RSS subscribers have to re-subscribe while e-mail subscribers don’t? Because I’ve used Feedburner all along for my e-mail option, so it’s easy to redirect those subscribers. I did not use Feeburner, however, for my last blog’s RSS feed; I’m just adding it now. If that sounds confusing, it’s because it is. And as we all know, confusing stuff goes in the fine print.
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