Gah! I hope you’re not subscribed twice!

September 9, 2010

Hey lovely readers,

Yesterday I managed to figure out how to redirect my blog to That means traffic from Google that was going to will now redirect here. Excellent.

The not-so-excellent part is that I think it also redirected my RSS feed subscribers (which I couldn’t figure out how to do initially). When I looked at my subscriber numbers this morning, they’d doubled. So after encouraging you to re-subscribe, you may now be subscribed twice!

Creative Commons photo by B Rosen

If this appears twice in your RSS feed today, I’m sorry. Go ahead and unsubscribe from the feed. And I promise not to make any more changes! None! I’m done!

On the bright side, the next time I have to make a switch like this (or help someone else do it), I’ll know what I’m doing!

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