Goodbye Hambidge! Back to the real world.

October 4, 2010

In two weeks at The Hambidge Center, a writer's colony in northern Georgia, I accomplished every one of my goals. I wrote a handful of personal essays and guest blog posts. I re-read Tristine Rainer's Your Life as Story (read my review) to help me refine my story arc. I tweaked my book proposal to meet standards set by my agent. And most importantly…

I finished my revision! Yeehaw. It’s now in the hands of my agent for the first time, which is a wee-bit nerve-wracking.

I was so productive during my residency that I'm kind of bummed to go back to the real world.

Luckily, something else fabulous happened while I was at Hambidge. But I'm saving that news for tomorrow…

I'm gonna miss sitting in this chair at Son House while I work on my manuscript.

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