News flash: I’m moving to DC!

October 5, 2010

Something exciting happened while I was at Hambidge: I got a job!

And it’s in D.C. That means I’m moving to the District! Really soon. As in, this weekend.

Starting next week, I’ll be working for U.S. News & World Report, covering careers and job search. The position is a super fit for my skills; it includes reporting, blogging, editing and social media. And what hotter topic is there right now than the job market? I'm psyched!

Know what helped me get the job? A blog post I wrote on using social media for your job hunt. Yet another reason why anyone who wants to be someone should have a blog. For job-seekers, a blog is a great way to showcase your skills.

My new boss also noticed a video I posted here a few months ago of me talking to you all, because my position will include some on-camera responsibilities. You judged me on that? I wanted to say. But it just goes to show that we should never post anything that's less than quality, because people are, indeed, judging us on our blogs.

What does this mean for The Traveling Writer and Socialexis? I'll try my best to continue posting here regularly. And while I'm giving up a few social media clients, I'll still be ghost-tweeting and blog coaching and consulting on the side, largely because I enjoy it.

As for my book, luckily I'm at the point where the bulk of the work is complete, since I finished revising my manuscript last week. I'll surely face more revisions along the way, but I'll have to do them in the evenings and on weekends. Which will put me in the same boat as most of the writers on this planet, right?

DC, here I come!

Coming Thursday: 13 tips for job-hunters, from someone who's been there

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