I’ve come to that point (again): I hate my book

January 27, 2011

This isn't me. It's a woman from Flickr who goes by Lara604 (consider that your photo credit). But this face represents the book-hater in us all.

I’m so close to finishing this revision. So close.

But I can’t even enjoy what should be a sense of accomplishment because


I know I should flesh out this post, tell you why I hate it and how I got here, but I hate my book so much that I don’t even want to write about it.

Instead, I’m re-reading a post from my agent that reminds me that hating my book is normal, and I’m pushing through it.

What do you do when you hate your book?

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    8 Replies to “I’ve come to that point (again): I hate my book”

    • Lisa McKay says:

      Gosh, I feel the pain. I really hate my book now at the moment too – with passion that is probably unreasonable given I haven’t worked on it for FOUR MONTHS. I just felt so stuck after we got back from Christmas that I decided to try something new and I’ve hired an external editor who knows nothing about me or my story but has good creds and a background in memoir and spiritual memoir to read it and give me her unvarnished opinion. I’m hoping a fresh set of eyes will help me see things differently and push into what is (hopefully) the end zone with this thing. But, gosh, right now, I wouldn’t care if I never had to look at it again. Hang in there.

      • Alexis Grant says:

        Time away usually helps! I was psyched to get back into my ms after about six weeks off, but now, after revising for a month and a half, that enthusiasm is waning. Sending you good vibes! Maybe getting an outside opinion will help you get excited about it again.

    • This is horrible, but I tell myself all the bad things about so that I feel sorry for it. hahaha. Great post. Glad I’m not alone!


    • Get out and go for a run! (If you can wade through the snow.) And if it makes you feel better, the rest of us like your book. And are eagerly anticipating its release. 🙂

    • Emily says:

      I recommend blatantly soliciting friends who’ve read it for a pep talk.

      Here, I’ll make it easy.

      Folks, I read the full MS of PLEASE SEND PANTS and it is AWESOME. Adventures and misadventures — humor and great dialogue — and best of all, a sense you’re really *there* with Alexis.

    • I know *you* know that hating your book is just one of the phases a writer who’s been writing and revising her manuscript for ages goes through. I read your emails. I read your blog. I know how well you write and what great stories you have to tell, so I *know* your book’s gonna be fantastic.

      You’ve probably sent the revisions to your agent by now, so breathe deeply and start working on the sequel. (Just kidding.)

    • P says:

      I so get this. I am feeling quite dissociated from my own book. People are congratulating me, but I am feeling nothing about the book itself – no pride, no sense of accomplishment, because somewhere deep inside I think I am feeling a tad ashamed of it. Like How-could-I-write-something-like-this ashamed. I am at my wit’s end.

      Maybe the next book will be better 😀

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