How social media helps us make our own luck

March 7, 2011

Sometimes it gets tiresome trying to explain to people why they should use Twitter. Usually, when I find myself doing this kind of convincing, I’m talking to someone who’s such a huge doubter of social media that they won’t see the value until they actually start using it, anyhow.

So I loved this post from Miriam at Keppie Careers about why you should use Twitter. Essentially, she considered a guy’s pitch — one she might otherwise have deleted — because she knew him from Twitter. This is a perfect example of why it’s worthwhile to put time and effort into growing your social media network.

Using social media strategically is one of the best ways to make your own luck. At your book launch, you’ll be “lucky enough” to land reviews with book bloggers and interviews with niche blogs and maybe even some plugs in stories by traditional media outlets. Or when it comes time to look for your next job, you’ll be “lucky enough” for opportunities to come to you, rather than having to look for openings. Or when you start your freelance business, you’ll be “lucky enough” to quickly build up a client base. Your luck will kick in because you set those wheels in motion months, even years before, by making smart connections over social media.

So start making those connections now, even if you don’t think you’ll need them. Down the road, you’ll feel lucky you did.

Want to learn how to use social media to reach your goals? Check out my online course, Make Your Own Luck.

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